Why is mining on free account to ugly?

Hello sandbox players in eve community.

I have notice when trying out a free account the mining is so ugly you only can use a frig. But we can use battleships and other great tech to run missions in eve? Why can’t we change this to allow level one of mining barges?

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I believe the main reason is so you sub your account and pay money to CCCP.

Someone could say it is so newer players realized mining is the most boring. unfun and also least profitable thing to do. Which is all true except that is something CCCP don’t really want you to realize.

Seriously, do level 3 missions or combat sites/anomalies, or join a corp and salvage behind corp members or do ´data/relic in lowsec or wormholes. Anything is better than mining.

If you still want to do mining then please sub. train exhumers and mine in Hulk and later in untanked Orca with Harvester Drones. Also please buy and inject very expensive implants. Mine safe.

CCP didnt want alpha mining, or vuilding or doing any passive activity, it took a year for you alphas to have battleships because you was stuck at cruisers. increasing the skills to battleshi was a mistake that didnt work for ccp


It is unbalanced, but put simply CCP don’t want alphas to be producers. However there are a number of activities that can make good isk as an alpha: Gas Huffing, Trig site salvaging, Drone Hunting, MTU bashing. Or alternatively a bit of everything, be a scavanger/trader and more than likely u’ll get a payday every other day or so. U can salvage normal combat sites, buy cheap salvage, make T1 Rigs and profit as a supplement. Eve is about spotting opportunities and maxing profit out of them … yes yes thrs PvP and all that nonsense but u know what I mean :slight_smile:


Passive activity of mining is hard to do, gangers in empire. Hunters who enjoy that stuff. You have to watch local in low or null sec for hunters :). Tell me were it is passive ? Wont this add on to more fun in empire for everyone? :slight_smile:

This goes into a deeper discussion about Alpha vs Omega, so I encourage you to check out this thread:


Not all of the comments are accurate- but it makes some good points.

Go cry some more.

If free accounts could use bigger mining vessels, they would be abused and people would run dozens of free accounts. Take a moment to look beyond your tiny little world and think about the potential downstream impact on the rest of the game.

Free accounts cannot do Planetary Production for this same reason as well.

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Most people, I hope, know that alpha accounts can’t use mining barges because they would be abused by botters. I think you know that, too, so this is just a troll thread.

I have an idea. Let alphas use mining barges-
in lowsec only :grinning:


Actually you CAN use a mining BS as an alpha, it mines about 50% more compared to a Venture with similar cargo. Depending on which BS you choose you can either focus more on cargo or on mining yield.

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Why did you have to make this suggestion?

Because now I’m going to spend the next 3 hours testing mining battleship fits… thanks a lot!


Do not do this.

Praxis is the most flexible, allowing to refit easily between yield and cargo, takes no skills and is cheap but it’s horribly slow.

Rokh mines the most but has very little cargo and is difficult to fit. The Megathron (of all things) is a good allround.

Eve has a player driven economy and the Alpha restrictions are designed to make sure free-to-play players can’t disrupt the economy.

I don’t think anyone was overly concerned about new players but, Alpha accounts created by veteran players could have a huge impact.

i didnt say mining was passive but other activities you cant do as alpha like mass building or PI. the point on mining was when alphas was released ccp didnt want them contributing anything but ship explosions

I knew a guy who mined with a gnosis. I think he used an…mtu? Or something? He would warp out and come back with a hauler. I’d rather take a razor blade bath than fly a ship that ugly, but whatever.

gnosis is unreasonable for mining. Praxis on the other hand is very versatile and potent.

Using a BS for mining does increase ur yield with the right fit and can be reasonably effective in fleet with a boost. But why bother? If ur an alpha just go to lowsec or WHs with ur Gas Huffing Venture and get 30 mill + per load. As of this morning’s prices even 2 hisec gases get 14 mill per venture.

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