Why is the Loggerhead useless?

The Loggerhead is insanely useless compared to it’s faction counterpart for armour, the Dagon, and it isn’t even that much more effective than the Minokawa, the T1 base hull.
Not only is the drone bonus useless, with both drones working together having roughly 1/5th the repping power of a single T2 shield booster in triage, but for some reason it doesn’t get the 90% reduction in CPU requirements for command bursts and the 90% reduction in remote rep pg requirements.
It has the exact same bonuses as the Minokawa, except has 5x the drone repping power (which is negligible compared to capital reps) and loses both the 1% bonus per level to command bursts, the 5% cap pool/level, and also loses the remote cap transmitter bonus
Maybe i’m missing something, but it looks like the there is a despairingly large gap between the faction armour FAX and the faction shield FAX. The Loggerhead is so weak that there shouldn’t even be any reason to use it over the Minokawa.
CCPls buff the poor Loggerhead, at least give it a 10,000x bonus to logistics drone transfer amount

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Yeah, the bonus stats are definitely lacking.

Hopefully that will be fixed in the future when CCP does another ship balance pass.

All Guristacapitals are basicly a not thought through mess.

Its currently just an overpriced Mino, maybe when they decide to do the FAX balance pass, they will address those issues though. #CCPls

  • 50% more structure
  • 50% more armor
  • 50% shield
  • 50% more capacitor
  • 0.05 points lower inertia modifier
  • 5mm better scan resolution
  • 7 points better sensor strength
  • 5m/s higher base velocity
  • 95tf higher CPU
  • 55,000 MW higher PG
  • +1 midslot

“Worse than the mino.” Right…

Ah ? Maybe that “FAX” is underpowered compared to others ships of the same class, but I thought Guristas Dreadnought and Titan had the ability to launch and use Fighters craft, isn’t it something nice ?

Example, you have the DPS of a Dreadnought or the special modules of a Titan-class ship, but you can also attack smaller spaceship with your fighters ?

The Caiman is realy easy to defang. And the HAWs on that thing are as bad as on the Phoenix. Because rapid torps.
Its fun to watch when a Komodo is used for the first time and the pilot realizes, that his only point defence against small stuff are fighters and the BFG. Guess how good they will work together… Oh. And rapid torplauncher, with poor range and poor application of damage. It can tank like crazy, tho.
The fighterbays are outside of PVE just a liability for that ships.

Wanna do ratting? Use supercarrier/factionsupercarrier or a normal titan. PVP? Use everithing else. Especially with that rarity and pricetag.

Molok does fine for an instance. Costs about the same. Sure, you can kill rats with your fighters and save XL-Cruise for capitalspawns. But in PVP? In fleets? Meh.

The Dagon get’s that bonus because when you fit nosferatus and an armor tank, you run out of powergrid quickly. Remote armor reps still use a lot of powergrid.
If I remember correctly, the Dagon can fit 2x nos, 3x remote reps and the triage mod.

Alright, thanks you :slight_smile:
But when you say :

What faction Supercarriers do you think of ? I heard the Nyx was a must for PVE, because of the fighter damage bonus, so maybe the Vendetta is better as it is the faction version of Nyx (looks pleasant tho, like every other Serpentis capital). And what about the Vanquisher ? Or the Revenant ?

The hel is by far the best supercarrier for ratting. Speed and damage bonus vs hp and damage. For ratting I’ll take speed and damage. Loggerhead sucks…

I dont know that 1000% increase in logistic drone transfer, and hitpoints is a BIG bonus if you use them.

I think the drones alone can keep a vital bhaalgorn from dying. and those reps cost nothing.

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