Why is the main server called Tranquility?

According to Cambridge Dictionary the meaning of Tranquility in English is a peaceful, calm state, without noise, violence, worry

Maybe the same reason the game is called EVE and the original music has a tone of wonder and adventure.

Why does the maintainers not build on this instead of havoc and disruption :slight_smile:

It was probably named after one of the lead hamsters…


Good question to ask CCP at Fanfest 2025 ngl.

The same reason the Pacific Ocean has its name.

I lived in Typhoon Alley - it’s anything but pacific…

–Gadget still says hurricane

Because God is an iron.

Which it is…after the din of mining lasers has been ganked, and the awful clanky sound of haulers that sound like the Titanic sinking has been ganked too. Ahh…peace and tranquility.

maybe it’s named after the lunar sea? Serenity is also a lunar sea. Maybe it’s just coincidence.


TRANQUILITY in the CHAOS that is New Eden. :thinking:

I think not :slight_smile:

Because after your ship is blown up you have a peace of mind. :smirk:

The server room is the only tranquil part of the CCP real estate - if you don’t mind the spinning fans. The rest is the proverbial madhouse.

In memorial to the first lunar landing, Armstrong
naming the spot “Tranquility Base”

I find it a very peaceful place from my end of my weapons. EVE has sound???

Yes, it has the angry sounds made by people triggered by your actions in-game, on the forums and beyond. :blush: :innocent:

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If I remember correctly, Hilmar or someone else from CCP once mentioned that it was named after the living habitat Tranquility in Peter F. Hamilton’s The Night’s Dawn Trilogy

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Maybe a better question is what would you prefer it be called?

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Calamity :smiling_face:


Sadly, that’s what it used to be. Gut good or die.

Despite playing EVE for nearly 20 years, I never wondered this myself!

CCP Convict and I went asking around the CCP offices and found our answer from the one and only CCP Hellmar. The name “Tranquility” comes from the Sea of Tranquility on the moon - otherwise known as the first location visited by humanity on another celestial.

Thanks for the great question!