Why is there so much action in Tama all the time?

Any info?

Shoutout to @Miss_Missile and her campers in the Rancer area!
(that’s the name i remember that’s also on the forums)

Keep up the good work and thanks for the loot! :smiley:

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  • it is a low-sec system bordering some heavily trafficked high-sec routes (gatecamps)
  • it is a low-sec system that leads to a few major low-sec routes (gatecamps)
  • it is close to a trade-hub (double check your autopilot settings!)
  • it is a Faction Warfare system (gatecamps, complexes, fighting, supplies running back and forth, etc)

There are a few other places just like it.

  • Rancer
  • Old Man Star
  • Amamake
  • yo momma

There’s a lot of ppl desperate to fill their KB, they tend to congregate in these areas.

If KBs went away tomorrow you’d see a huge drop in activity.



personally I think @Xuixien if the KB shut own you’d actually see a marked increase in pvp, people being vain as they are check out KB but remove them and there would be nothing to worry or boast about.

I say remove the @killboards


It’s a bottleneck system, anyone going from Jita to various other places who sets their route planner to “shortest route” must pass through Tama. As such there’s a lot of traffic through there, usually people who are clueless about the danger (or who think the shortcut is worth the risk), and so it’s a popular spot to camp.

When I raised this as a noob the response was you can’t … as in, you physically can’t because it uses ESI data (or some such) that is available, and cannot be made unavailable, and therefore there will always be a killboard. Of some sort. Somewhere.


Well… To be fair. It actually can. CCP can at any time stop broadcasting server info to 3rd party, “simply” by encrypting the data without a key.

Would players leave in droves? YES. It’s the backbone of the game. Not just for the gankers, but traders, scanners, haulers and so on, rely on specific data coming from EVE for their specialization. In-game map simply doesn’t give the same info, as Dotlan for example does. And it’s not just map info as well.

For the KB buffing…
There’s no problems with gankers. Not in high-sec at least. People just doesn’t pay enough attention to the tools available for them, and that results in a boom! some times. I’m not a ganker, never have been, but I can avoid them quite easily. Haven’t lost one ship for ganks on this account, even though I’ve been lazy at times and flown right through the worst of places with a little too much of value for not being popped. It’s the small things that does it, and those things are freely available online for people to read up on.

i agree killboards and killmails need to die between vanity and a way to measure someones combat ability.

ive seen corps in the past of you need x amount of kills to get in, people get kicked for having a death, i get told i cant speak about pvp because i lost a carrier doing pvp

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CCP just has to stop providing such data to external partners.

Also, get rid of Killboards, Eve would be better off.


Yeah I’m totally in favor of removing the KB.

When I cared about my KB, it really put me in a bad mindset for PvP. Yeah, I had good stats, but I missed out on a lot of fun fights.

Plus, KB’s are so easy to pad anyway that they’re practically worthless except as an intel tool.

And we all know this game is sorely in need of an intel nerf.

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Year ago the gate from highsec in Tama was permacamped with only about 30minutes break around server DT (10min before up to 20min after). Now I passed through there like 10 times already and nobody was camping the gate.

It seems the former campers are now suicide ganking in highsec instead.

You may be assuming too much.

Jumping to conclusions? Or do you have any evidence?

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