Other Tama-like systems in EVE?

There has to be other systems in EVE that are like Tama for PVP.

Is there a list somewhere?
Or can someone just let me know where?


You can browse zkill for the hottest systems.

Don’t think so. Looks like Tama (and surrounding) is the only left permanent free for all. Tama is popular because of the proximity to Jita, being a choke point into FW lowsec, and having freeport citadels. The layout is also favorable.

Other choke points usually have a local power who controls the system.

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Off the top of my head - Abhazon, Hagilur, Rancer, Akora… to name a few.

Amamake is such a system. There is usually a lot of activity there and you get easily involved into PVP, if you want or not. However, it isn‘t as glorious as it was in its best times but still worth a visit.


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