Gallante PVP Activity Spot

Why doesn’t Gallente low sec have a place that’s as active in PVP as Tama?

Maybe because those low sec Gallente systems are not offering the same amount or type of services Tama does + If i am no mistaken, Tama is also a Faction Warfare system :slight_smile:

I think in Gallente space maybe Old Man Star has (or used to have, at least) some decent action.

But “why doesn’t Gallente have…?” is basically answered by “because Jita isn’t in the middle of Gallente space”.

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Would you say Old Man Star has the most action of all Gallente space? I tried to use Dotland to find the places with the most podkills, but they only list the top 10. And it’s only a 24 hour period, I’d ideally like at least 3 weeks so I know if a system showed up it wasn’t just some big battle skewing the results.

Last I checked it was. There’s an area around Heydieles / Old Man Star / Fliet / Abune that used to see some action. Will depend on the extent that anyone’s currently active in FW in the area.

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