A good system to base in? (FW)

I’m a neutral pvper looking for a system that is at the centre of FW space (preferably Caldari-Gallente). Is Vlillirier a good choice? It’s in the middle of Placid FW space, and has two entrances to Black Rise that’s within a few jumps. Any other recommendations? I’d also prefer a system that has a half-decent market.

Don’t know about the Caldari/gallente space but check in-game map with ships destroyed last hours or last 24 hours, it should give you the pvp hot spots.

Fly dangerous

Nenamalia, rakapas are good choices

Vlil is a good place, zone around tama problably is the best now.

Vlill is not considered to be near Tama, by most of us. It DOES have a halfway decent market. Lot of activity around this area and black rise is past the Pyne/Hikk choke lane, which is the only thing that creates the illusion of Tama really being further tham it is.

Who said tama is near vlil ?

Orvolle is a great place. Is has an ok market (bit expensive, but it works), and clone bays.

In terms of hubs, you’re about 6 jumps from dodixie and like 12 from Jita.

It has close entrances to Oulley, Maut, and Murethand. You’re also right next to PF- if you want to do Syndicate schenanigans.

… why?



Tama is good

You didn’t provide many criteria, just a system in C-G FW space with a market.

Rakapas and Nisuwa are both a few jumps into BR so don’t border onto hisec systems but they’re active and have a market.

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