Is it good or bad?

Is it good or bad that every lowsec system with a high sec connection near Jita is heavily camped recon ships ready to drop blops on anything that enters the system.

There is no good or bad, in EVE no one is innocent. People go where people are and if folks want to enter low sec via high sec then that is the perfect location to catch them. The solution from a game design pov is to create multiple access points, CCP did exactly that.

The problem is people being lazy and thus predictable, lazies pick obvious access points closest to obvious systems and areas while using the shortest route. If you want to catch those you sit at the obvious entry points, if you want to avoid being caught then perhaps not be lazy, choices → consequences.


Yes, it is very good. I appreciate the fact that some players come together to patrol these systems in an organized effort to prevent unsanctioned traffic from clogging up these vital transit points, and keeping the lanes safe from the ore-poaching criminal elements of New Eden society.


It’s just like in real life: Bottle necks on important trade routes are camped by pirates. Hormuz, Straight of Malacca, Bab-al-Mandab and more are the equivalent to EVE’s Abhazon, Tama, Rancer, Aunenen, Uedama. It’s only natural and reasonable to sit at highly lucrative and active points on movement routes to grab easy targets. Since EVE is a PVP focused game, it is good that people camp there.

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Learn the whs pipes that offer a way around that join highsec to highsec


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