Why isn't project nova more like planetside 2?

Figure it would be a worthwhile discussion and really would like someone from CCP to answer it lol.

If we’re talking a massive universe such as eve, why wouldn’t the shooter resemble the massive open world shooter like planetside two? how they capture different planets in that game would make sense with faction warfare too.

I wouldn’t say copy it but 100’s of players fighting a continous battle for control of a planet and ending when a team actually captures the majority of it would make sense. I don’t see why it has to look, and be limited like, call of duty. -_- #changemymind

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Since planets in the Eve universe aren’t much more than a resource and the real battles are fought out in space, it makes sense that battles in project nova will take place on those ships, and not on planets.

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In New Eden there’s a wide divide between those who live down the gravity wells, and those who rule above them. That makes space the prime real estate of conflict, and thus the means for this are the most important assets. To wage war with, and over.

All those worlds? They’re expendable and interexchangeable commodities. Along with everything and everyone there. Truth be told, there’s a cold reality behind this. You take the world once you have taken space, and if they do not comply, you kill it and move on to the next.

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Well, from the fanfest presentation Project Nova’s lead developer CCP Rattati prefers 16v16 battles. Basically he is designing the FPS he wants to play. While larger FPS engagement sizes can be highly tactical they often devolve into zergs that require more physical PC system resources than is beneficial when building a game designed to reach a wider audience of players with varying levels of machine specs.

You can still have an eve like game with persistent impact that is highly tactical while still having 16v16 engagements.

Exactly, to quote another game “He who has the high ground has the advantage. High orbit is the highest ground there is.”.

What I would really like is the ability to board titans and rorquals and blow them up from the inside out while they’re mining or camping or whatever. That would be awesome.

I wanted to like it.
Does that help?

While neat to think about that type of immediacy is not within CCP development budget nor is it something they’ve indicated wanting to commit toward.

Think more like battles changing reinforcement times or industry jobs by +/- 1 hour. Influence things like that which give the server time to react and not catch fire.

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Why isnt Planetside more like not planetside?

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