Why Neut's are destroying faction warfare!?

Sounds easy on paper. The problem is most people IN FW dont know how to search for stations that have the ability to get their sec status back up. SO they only go to the ONE they found. This comes down to a UI issue… more than a sec status issue.

Seriously when was the last time you looked for a CONCORD station that could accept tags for sec status gains?

Map filters -> Services -> Security Office?

So let’s see how many people ACTUALLY know how to use the map filters? I know of several players who dont even know the map filter even exists.

Translation: “The good information I was given that made me feel like my pickle is small is really not good because other players are stupid.”

Whatever Donald.


Let’s say nobody in FW knows about that feature.


First result is Eve University, which tells you all about that feature.

The funny thing is your smart assed response gives the first 5 results to …
BSI-EAS website


If your going to try and be “helpful” at least know how to use LMGTFY.

Also… about 1 in 20 FW players or even EVE Online players even use these forums.

If that’s the result you get, you need to spend less time complaining here and more time clearing the syphilis out of your browser, mate. It’s literally just a google query for eve online security tag stations.

Small wonder you struggle to find information that is otherwise trivially located.

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