Why recon ship increased in price?

The reason why recon ships increased in prices is obvious, the announcement of cyno change for September.

My question is;
Why did recon ship prices start to increase in early July when the announcement by CCP was August 28th?





If we take into consideration that ship are detectable on d-scan and worth more than 200M isk (hull only) for a shitty tank cyno ship, the blackout can’t be the cause of the price increase, at least I don’t believe it. Much better alternative can be used for the same price or cheaper.

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The GSM.

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The obvious answer is because of the nullsec blackout?


You know that some recon ships do not show up dscan right? What event took place that made those even more usefull in null now?


DSCAN immune / Null Sec Blackout = fun times

Cyno changes, instead of changing the module they limited to ships

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This forum have plenty of thread about blackout and i’m very glad that you just discovered the “no-dscan + blackout” combo but im talking about the unusual price raise of future exclusive cyno ship 2 months before the CCP announcement.

We need ‘Large IQ injectors’ over here…
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Then inject yourself. You did not state which type of recon ships.

people told you why recon ships increased in price.


Yea my bad, I assumed that you got it.

I’ll edit my first post with pictures and charts as soon as I reach home. In the meantime, for the must genius of us, im talking about Arazu, Rapier, etc recon class

I guarantee, this is not you.

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Same reason. The ones that aren’t d-scan immune fit a covert ops cloak, which is also stronger without local.

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You might like to think that, but we didn’t hear about the change till shortly before you did.

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How the thing works during the “CSM round table” discussion about future change?

I’d like to know because even if you get the official information shortly before we did but you had a 3 weeks discussion about “How to change the cynos”… the result still the same.

And between you and me, with CCP allegation against Brisc few months ago… I allowed myself to have some doubts about this process. Insider trading is a legal offend irl then who cares about a video game?

(irl you can always have a lawyer to defend your virgin integrity at least… not ig)

edit: I edited my first post about price history for the ones who needed it to fully understand where im going with all this

And the answer has been given already - 5th of July was the date this Scope report was posted:

followed by this piece of news:

Eve market being very sensitive to speculation instantly reacted by raising prices of recon ships, since both of their types offer advantages in the space without local intel.

Will not even read replies, just to let you know the only increase in price change you will see is in high sec. In nul nothing has happened, nothing will happen and probably half of the older players have on average 200 recons sitting in stations and occasionally sell them off whenever someone needs one. Your post, sir, is invalid. Well, except in highsec where us nullers like to screw over you nubs

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