Why can the price of 'capital industrial ships' can rise so much

The price of skill book ‘capital industrial ships’ change from 500m to 1b, it has rised 100%.I am wondering why it can rise so much.The price of carrier and titan only rise about 10%.Or ccp just think Rorqual is a crusier(cruiser’s skill rise 100% as well)?

They probably do. I am not satisfied with the titan skillbook price increase either. It should have jumped to 100B so that getting people into these ships becomes an alliance effort again and remain an individual effort that can be paid with left-over pocket change.

Yeah, was surprised about the effective “no change”. Why that buzz if prices keep basically the same (0.5->1B is not a significant change, 1B for Rorqual book is ridiculous cheap). Maybe there was a last minute decision, to prevent speculators from benefiting too much.

it would no question about rised price for book for Rorq until they also hevayvely nerf it


I’m sure it has nothing to do with the visions of Scrooge McDuck levels of wealth CCP/PA envision from the PLEX purchases to now buy the skill book.


Or it could be that CCP is looking at how much ISK is in the game and trying to lower the levels of it with acceptable means, rather than allow inflation to cause more issues.

Could be. “Players” are going to keep buying them as their accts get banned, so they are an ISK sink.

CCP should just change the name to Botter Skillbook. It would be a lot easier to find on the market.

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