Why so many scammers on Char Bazaar nowadays?

Because I don’t make enough in Eve to buy Plex, I really do not know how to compute what is under extraction value for a set number of skills. Can someone give me a link where I can learn and watch out for it? I could never ever buy a high SP chara like the ones you are discussing, but still would like to know. I pay for my sub RL money, so never did Plex.

I guess i am also got scammed on that one.

yup, you got scammed. the extraction value of the pilot being auctioned is worth about 42bil. he accepted your bid of 38bil on the same day of the post. a bit too good to be true type of deal… put in a support ticket.

char bazaar forum should be shut down until the SERIAL SCAMMER is caught.

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I’m still waiting to hear anything from ccp after over a week

Same, don’t think we’re really going to hear anything until next week, the office vacation should be over then. (next week being the 7th)

Possible scam here also :

very likely a scam… good luck




Another tip is to refresh the SP right before you send ISK and give it 10-15 min I have caught a few scammers extracting the character before they even have the ISK"

Wow, I hadn’t even considered this as a course of action.

I guess the proof would have to be a snapshot of the auction and skills page before any extraction (ie before sending the isk).

This marks my 6th in the last month.

There are many sources for these. The character is hacked, intentionally injected to appear legit, or simply owned by an individual who is quitting and doesn’t care for his account’s fate, but the intent is (almost) always the same: it’s RMT. They take the money and run, and rmt it off. In so doing they generally make a long twisting spiderweb money trail that is very difficult to follow, and RMT is already tricky enough to actually prove beyond the shadow of a doubt. The reason this has become so popular lately is simple, injectors are worth big bucks again so it’s a larger profit margin. These sorts of things are also hard for CCP to punish in a way that prevents it from happening again. With luck, the injector market will crash and the popularity of these scams will fall off with them somewhat.

The tells are fairly obvious but it makes it hard to fish for deals. And sadly due to the nature of character sales there isn’t really any way to avoid it. My only advice is to not put high %s of your wealth on the line at once, and push your local CSM rep to ask CCP for a more professional and streamlined method to buy and sell characters. Also, if you’ve fallen victim and are looking to this thread for guidance, these things can take several weeks for CCP to track down if the scammer was smart about it, but rest assured they will get to the truth.

Just because it’s CCP protected doesn’t mean you should blindly trust, scammers of this nature don’t care about the rules or repercussions.

very possibly another scam: WTS 99 m + (390k unallocated) SP pretty fox

If it is, it will be my 4th scam within 2-3 weeks… it’s getting real bad these days

I am wondering if CCP can take 1k plex out of the character which is gonna get transferred , why they cant take isk from the buyer also.

My forecast is than in a year, no more character sales. Injectors are paving the way for this and I believe character scams are starting to mount up with customer support, costing them more with additional hours spent on scam chara customer support issues.

you can buy my toon without being scammed :slight_smile:

i dont understad why ccp dont answer.
i think they dont interesting in legal market

still waiting to get answer from CCP…

@CCP_Falcon Any news on how to stop this?

This is disheartening. As someone who has bought and sold many characters in Eve, I hate seeing this sort of thing happening. It puts a stain on those who are legitimately selling characters, such as myself. I hope CCP gets their act together on this.

Finally got my reply today, 2 days shy of 2 weeks since submitting. For those of you still waiting, don’t worry you’ll be gotten to soon.

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