Why so many scammers on Char Bazaar nowadays?

WTS 120 m SP indy toon Purchased yesterday, all seemed well.

Woke up today to see this one made Sold! https://i.imgur.com/QI8Fnav.png And now they are claiming they “forget” what the number of the support ticket is, which should be in their email and at the link I so kindly handed them. No response since, and now I am giving them an hour before I go back down the support ticket road for being scammed. Still waiting on one of my other accounts to be unbanned, so it’s been a fun month.

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possibly another scam

Someone put in for 100 bid, and the seller straight up asked for isk to transfer the char…

Please read my response on the post to this accusation before crying out to everyone else. I am a first time seller. I have the right to accept a bid another character puts in if i believe it is right, not you.

Please remove this defaming post and as replied in the post which clearly didn’t agree to your agenda, please let me know if i’m doing anything wrong so i do not break any rules or do any harm.

And another confirmed scam here…


he has the right to reply in whatever time frame he wants, and also incase you forgot, youre not allowed to scam on the Character bazaar, and if someone attempts it, you lodge a ticket, and you get a full refund of your isk

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Everyone is on edge the same they were last april when it was happening again Current state of Scams in time this too shall pass

Yes i know scamming is not allowed but the majority of the High SP sales, have been scams, and its taking weeks for people to get their isk back.

first time i saw scammer here. in april 2018. so ccp cant do anything for 1 year…

Hi All,

I’ve been away from the character bazaar forum for a few weeks now due to many scammers. Are they gone yet? Anymore scam going on? I hate having to wait 1-3 weeks to get my ISK back. let me know. thanks!

no, there’s been 3 caught and put on blast within days of each other.

no meaning more more scam going on? it’s safe to buy character again?

i mean no they are still here. its still been mainly the high SP ones, but even some just at 40-50 SP have been scams.

oh god… i can’t believe CCP lets this go on this long…

the one winston quoted, says he sold in game, now its back on sale again.

Brand new to this, but is there any way a seller can be scammed, if you follow the instructions stated in the Forum welcome post?
Got this to sell, but still trying to figure out how, without doing it wrong :smiley:

Very unlikely that you would be scammed as a seller.

I mean, you won’t start the character transfer until you’ve gotten the ISK sent to you…?


Okay, I’ll not do that :slight_smile: Thx for advice!

Last 4 characters I bought were a scam and now my Character Buy Order thread is locked. RIP.

Wow, sorry to hear, ICY, that’s a bad run of luck. Hopefully, one day soon, the devs will come up with a character transfer solution that will solve the scam problem!

Why? It is 100% obvious that they fully endorse and condone character scamming. No action is a complete endorsement.