Why so over priced accelerators?

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“When Barnum’s biographer, Arthur H. Saxon, tried to track down when Barnum had uttered this phrase, he was unable to verify it. According to Saxon, “There’s no contemporary account of it, or even any suggestion that the word ‘sucker’ was used in the derogatory sense in his day. Barnum was just not the type to disparage his patrons.”” Brooks, Andree (October 3, 1982). “Debunking the Myth of P. T. Barnum”. The New York Times.

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I have at least one of each accelerator from previous events.

They may never be worth anything to others but I like my little collection.
[That said, I did recently sell a Crimsom Harvest accelerator to another collector for 200 mil]

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Masochist! :stuck_out_tongue:

Link to Caginalp’s web page, lots of stuff there.

Asset Pricing Under Endogenous Expectations in an Artificial Stock Market


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