Why so over priced accelerators?

Now I understand the markets set the price but every event there are tons of accelerators left over from people keeping prices inflated, why do sellers keep the price so high even on the last day, seems such a waste, is it just greed or is there some magic that I’m missing here?


I’m guessing “just greed”.

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In Eve things are worth what people will pay. Being altruistic will not work as some else will come along buy them up and sell at the market rate.


Pretty much greed, kinda sad that so many go to waste, looked at the prices for the new accelerators, meh 45 mil was the lowest, too high in my opinion but as you said it’s a free market.


Seems like the price is falling? The standard accelerator used to be around the 25m-30m mark, and now it’s falling below 20m.

idk i was quite impressed how much mine sold for
the serpentis one was like 95m

Last I checked, accels benefit from Biology, so if you have biology 5, a standard accel should be 43,200? SP over its lifetime. You’re saying they’re 20m. I mostly play Eve via the Slack client these days and I’m not logging in to check that, I’ll take your word for it. That’s 462 isk/sp.

Skill injectors are, what, 800m or so these days? Best case scenario, that’s 1600 isk/sp. Worst case, it’s over 5000 isk/sp.

Sounds like a bargain to me tbh.

Accelerators always start high - as mentioned earlier, they are still a bargain compared to skill injectors. By next week the market will be flooded and the price will drop. The last event over Christmas, I was able to buy as many as I needed in the 10-12 million range.

Since these accelerators don’t expire for 3 weeks after the event, the price will rise as we get toward the end of the event.

Basic economics - supply and demand.

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What I want to know is why are there some old and completely worthless accelerators reaching prices of about 2 mil? Are there really enough stupid people out there who buy those damn things to keep the price that high?

Never not underestimate the power of a market scam in that game. If people sell Scorpion BPC as a Rattlesnake BPC, they will definitely try to contract expired accelerators as valid ones. Same icon , you know…


relax they lower when people want to get rid of them, right now people are stocking up.

Sure, people want to get ISK for farming the sites … you know, profit? Do you want others to hand you everything for free? Go out there, and grab your own accelerators, if you don’t want to pay us running the sites.

Maybe we shouldn’t take cheat-stix into account.

Hahahaha that! And on the weekends when people get home drunk and shouldn’t log on, they do and do unbelievable things…

Oh, fine. They’re still cheaper than normal SP gain at current plex prices, even at 2700/hr

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I haven’t looked at the numbers. But standard neoclassical economics would soggest that as these accelerators approach their expiry date the price should fall. In fact these items sound alot like the assets used in economic experiments by Vernon Smith, et. al. In those experiments there is an asset that traders can hold or trade for say 30 rounds. And the asset pays out a fixed payment say $.25/round. Standard neoclassical economics says on round one the asset should be priced at $7.50. Then decline by $.25 each round thereafter. But the experiments should that when a trader sold early on he’d sell well below the price that the theory predicted. Then the price would rise quickly well above the price theory predicted for that round and then the price would crash. Basically a bubble would form. And this result happened across multiple experiments with different subjects and different people running the experiments—ie the results were rather robust.

There are a couple of papers that could explain this. Two by Gunduz Caginalp. And another by Brian Arthur, et. al. Caginalp created a very simple model that, if I recall correctly, correctly showed bubbles forming via momentum trading. Arthur et. al. looked at artificial stock market were there heterogeneous traders each trying different trading strategies. Normally economists use homogeneous agents at least in that they all use the same strategy. This approach showed that when traders update strategies “slow enough” we get the standard theory results: rational expectations/efficient market hypothesis. But when strategies update more quickly there is a much more rich mixture of behavior where trading rules can emerge and dominate for awhile the die off to be replaced be a new rule.

So that is alot of words to say that, standard theory/common sense may not hold.

If anyone wants I can link the various papers when I get to a computer.

Hahaha, far from it, go ahead and farm, I’m asking why do they hold on so hard to the end day of events, then the accelerators just become scam tools, have fun all scrambling for the candy when the pinatas pop.

Yes please. :slight_smile:

Because someone buys at it.

There’s a sucker born every minute - P. T. Barnum.