Why starve the market CCP let alpha players/alts contribute to a more solid experience

The market is RUINED because of Omega restrictions for different items that you can not use in alpha mode and also we have severe skill restrictions that say we are not allowed to manufacture some items in alpha characters/alts.

What is the reasoning for this?

It is not bad if you can contribute to the market with a alpha alt!

It is not bad if freeloading players who only play alpha can contribute to the market and/or manufacture their own goods for their own use!

It is not bad if prices drop!(If you are not some kind of trader who makes money of the extravaganca of the market prices.)

Please let alpha characters/alts use:

Mining drone I
Salvage drone I
Ice mining laser I

And what about skills? Why can we not have skills such as:
Drug Manufacturing
Capital Ship Construction

And there are a lot of other skills that could be let up for alpha characters so they can manufacture items. Is there really a reason that alpha characters/alts should not be able to manufacture items? If it is because people make alts to become some kind of effectivising schizofrenic maniac that will make more and more alts because they can manufacture more goods then that is a inherent flaw with the system that you are limited with your manufacturing jobs/alt. This is just a systematic failiure and should be rectified if it is a problem. We can not let this hinder how the game works in the large scale of things.

A solution to the failure of limiting the number of manufacturing jobs per alt could be to have a logaritmic taxation of jobs and a unlimited number of jobs allowed.


Your first manufacturing job could cost a reasonably low sum of money lets say 100 000 isk for a batch or a single job no extra tax here.

The second manufacturing job costs the double as in a 200% tax as in 200 000 isk for the same job.

Next job would be 300% and so on.

Disclaimer: This is just a short example to explain how it could work not how it should work. It should as always be a discution from here onwards.

The reason is that Alpha account is supposed to get you to decide whether or not EVE is a game to invest your time and money in. Sometimes it takes a player joining a corporation and be convinced that the fun/challenge is worth a subscription and sometimes a player will decide the fun/challenge is good enough to play a multiplayer game by one’s self and take up a subscription with specific career goals in mind.

If CCP gave too many of the Omega adventages to the Alphas then they would be working against their own interests which are based on making money, same as any other business.

I should also add, and thank you to the devs, that the Alpha account goes way beyond a simple trial. There is tons to do in the game as Alpha already and a lot of the Omega-only modules do not give much more advantage than the modules usable by Alphas, we’re talking diffirences of 0.003% in some cases. Not bad at all.

Trials for games is ancient by now, i do not see any reason to accept the trial argument. Games are something else today. So if we can keep the discussion to 2022 and onwards i would be pleased.

You do not have to skip the whole point and start ranting about totally different types of subjects and themes.

My point is that the market can be better with more goods and items and alpha characters are willing and able to do it.

That CCP loses money if they let alpha characters manufacture and use more items is insane. People play mostly with items such as hulls and ship modules that players BUILT with EFFORT TIME AND ISK. You should not punish somone who is willing to manufacture items but encourage them.

Please let CCP do the market analytics themselfes instead. To bring up such a miniscule point as a advantage on the market would be to shoot yourself in the foot.(especially if you admit to it.)

They make money on people playing the game, roaming around themselfes and in fleets using Omega items and Omega ships with Omega implants. Do not deny that and the discussion can go on.


Did I rant? OMG I’m sorry.

Point taken. Thank you for clarifying. It does make sense in a way. I just wonder if CCP’s financial advisors would agree.

Ooops, better take an appointment with psychiatrist then. I didn’t know it was that bad.

Do they? I wouldn’t know anything about that. I’m starting to understand where you’re going with all that.

I guess CCP encourages Omega players who want to build items to do so and encourages Alpha players to take up Omega. I know it may sound wierd but you know, financial advisers are funny that way.

That’s a great idea. I’m sure they’ve never thought of it.

I’d be shooting myself in the foot indeed if there were anything I could do about our little problem, providing I agreed with your plea to CCP.

Yes, that’s the advantages of Omega accounts. Another advantage is to be able to do Industry on a deeper level. Omega clones have that advantage.
Why should Alpha clones be able to do that?
CCP is a business, it’s not the Red Cross.

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