Why the secret

Nothing has changed in that regard.

What’s changed is CCP has made it less rewarding to do a lot of the things people used to enjoy and more difficult to do some of the other; and made it more expensive to play without new featres. People have left.

Who? It’s a crap game that takes people out of space, not pvp.


Being able to invent t2 bpo’s and manufacture those items needs production and sience skills for the most part.

Yes! (I play the game as an industrialist)
I enjoy the need to go to every sec type system to gather or produce the resources and if i dont feel like it or the risk is to high i buy it from the markets.


Need more people like you in the game.

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You’re welcome:

At The current time…

Dear CCP,

The next time you want to do a crossover event, keep that other British sci-fantasy IP in mind.

This has been forseen to bring all the kids to the yard…

–Astropath Gadget

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Space: 1999!

Yeah, I know thats what you meant.


Deleted, too much info and might cause my pod to explode.

You missed my point. “You want to make an omelet, ya gotta kill some people.”

That’s what the “villain” said at the starting point I posted.

Why do you think everyone’s arguing with you? Try watching it again.

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i apologize for my arrogance



Now I forgot what I said, it’s all your fault Uriel the Flame

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In games its actually called fraging people.

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I had been known to create mail where the header is longer than the mail content.

Do you know how many characters can be used in a thread title?

I already had to endure the original content of that post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well the title of this thread does say [Why the secret]

Endure like how a miner endures watching their hard earned past 20 minute yeild become stolen while sitting in their pod?

The miners deserve it for being afk or simply careless. :wink:

Careless how so? Right now anyone can start a new pilot for just 5 bucks and it comes with one whole week of omega too. That pilot could be a highsec ganker alt where they use a tactle fit venture then a few seconds later the main ganker warps in. How is that being careless? Ventures are always flying close to other barges like retrievers that are being flown by greedy highsec Veteran miners. The Veteran would think oh that venture is just sticking close to me, safety in numbers etc etc.

Why the secret Uriel the Flame?

Mine aligned, pay attention, problem solved. Also why assume things anyway unless you assume everyone is there to get you which is a pretty safe bet. Maybe without careless assumptions miners would be less a victim and more a survivor. :wink:

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Why are you in a belt with another person?

Socialness is for PvP people!

A number of times I recall being out on a belt vacuuming it’s contents with a fleet and I remember seeing a 1 day old pilot fly up close to my setup and I would even jettison some ore and turn the loot blue before sending a comment you can have that if you like before warping out.