Why the secret

whats the point of not making a list of skills and ingredients for tier 2 items.someone somehow found out the secret and is selling a list.As usual many of the ingredients are found only in low sec where sadist spend their days hunting those that are defenseless{presumably theyve run out of baby chicks to step on or kittens to put in the blender}nothing like putting all the t2 ingredients into the industry tab and press start only to find your missing some double secret skill hidden in list 274911 tab 2155 paragraph c or appendix 42947562904.are we having fun yet?

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I don’t manufacture so no idea why it’s made needlessly difficult, but guess it’s been that way for a while.

You might take a look at:


to see if any of the tools listed there can help.

Did you try looking it up?


I feel my ancestral Viking genes stirring…


Mr Maulenrant clearly expects me to follow his stream of consciousness to its unpunctuated and ultimate destination; oblivion.

For goodness’ sake, have some consideration for your readers.




Wholesome tears. I assume crying about this on the forums is part of the victim role play that comes with choosing to play a miner that refuses to learn how to defend themselves.


We can’t bake a cake without breaking some eggs!


It’s low sec even the miners bite no one is defenseless here I think you are thinking of high sec.

I think the trick is stop being defenseless? Even in the wild herbivore’s have some way of protecting them selves and tricks to stay hidden.

Once saw a gang of pirates try to kill a Mining ship, I didn’t want to be disrespectful so I watched in my bomber as the miner wiped out 2 pirates and had his alt in a blockade runner drop off cap boosters for himself so he can finish off the 3rd pirate then went back to mining like a boss.

Kind of the equivalent of a cabbage farmer with 10 years of martial art’s training taking out 3 bandits with his pitch fork.


Wrong. Totally wrong.
I’m a T2 manufacturer.

They are also available on the market.
Make some USK in Hi-sec, , mining, missions whatever, then buy the bits you need.
Or even buy the finished items which saves training the T2 manufacturing skills.

And what you need isn’t a surprise - it’s all in the blueprint information.


Sorry Andrew, this is a place where people get mocked for not playing EvE like a murder simulator. Back in the day there used to be far more industrialists around to provide feedback and information, but many are moving on and quitting. Hope you find what you’re looking for though.


I thought some pilots like to be mocked though. Why would anyone want to play in New Eden if there wasn’t a chance to be mocked?

Gank someone and get ridiculed.
Defend against a gank and still get ridiculed.

Eve Online is where the outer skin is extra thick with layers of sugar dipped in chocolate like it just came out of the oven at Kristjans Bakari Bakery and Cafe

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Doesn’t the BPC or the reaction formula tell you if you’re missing something?

A complete list of all the materials and skills needed.
You can even see that without owning the blueprint.

It’s even easier if you select “view in industry”.
The only thing worth watching out for is the skills indicator/icon. If you a a regular industrialist and this is a new class of item you may not spot it is greyed out because you don’t normally look at it.


I would say it’s more the case off people worked together more to clear out low sec areas, back in the day. We often battled to get cargo ships out of low sec areas. My 1 st confrontation with capital ships was two dreads and a mom , blockading our sys , we baited the dreads out of docking range and killed them, the mom was much harder to move but as backup arrived from deeper in low sec the supper jumped out. Then we went back to ratting and mining or what ever you did to make isk.

sounds like a giant crunchy truffle

Good, perhaps then those of us who know how to run our industry operations will get some worthy competition instead of weak freeloaders


That’s what EvE IS, chum (or perhaps was), not a building simulator (…or perhaps was).
Cutthroat competition, sink or swim, salt is the most valuable commodity in the cluster. If you can’t figure how to thrive in harsh virtual space climes, evidently whinging works long term,sadly. Congrats I guess.

As to OP…it’s not a secret. Sorry Andrew.


Thursday 21 July National Junk Food Day 2022 in United States

Thought someone in Iceland would see the reference to the Bakery.

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To you maybe. But, Eve has lost about 40% it’s population over the last few years for a reason. PvP was 1 of many things people could do–not the principal or most important thing, but one of many. Atleast, that used to be true. Even pvp loyalists now are starting to realize that chasing people away just takes targets out of space…pvp as an end-all is a sinking ship doomed to fail.