Why the Torches?

Ok I don’t want to offend anyone… but I have to ask:

If the Sindari Elves all had infravision from birth, why were there torches to light up Lórien at night?

Roll Library Use at a -10% dullness modifier to research.


Fire keeps monsters away.
Or burns them if they brave the light anyway.

–Witch Hunter Gadget


They’re just a ruse, to hide the fact that they have infravision. The don’t want dwarves to know that they’re looking through their clothes, to see if there actually are any female ones.

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What the hell are you talking about? Sindari Elves? Lórien?

Also, why is this in GD when it clearly belongs into OOPE?

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Always have a half orc barb with reckless attack in the party. Always.

Depends on the dwarfs, female LOTR dwarfs are a rarity.

Female Discworld dwarfs are common and were coming out as female, beards and all, until the universe sadly stopped expanding when Terry Pratchett took his long walk with Death to the Dark Desert.

The torches bring out the grain of the wooden pitchforks beautifully in low light. Obvious really.


Tanelorn will once again be reborn, within the Minmatar systems of Panorad a solar wind is stiring, so sayeth the White Tower.

I would have thought the answer was obvious: because of Falcon

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Because they are “elves of the twilight”, not “elves of the night”. Duh!

(the Sindarin are called “elves of the twilight” because they never set foot in Valinor, so they are not “elves of the light”, but they were not “Avari”, because they accepted the invitation and set out on the journey, being counted among the Eldar)

Non-dwarves can tell the female ones by their beard combs. Their handle is curved in a feminine way.

I went and moved this thread to the appropriate section of the forums. :slight_smile:

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(looks around)

No, this doesn’t looks enough like Mordor… :thinking:


Just in case you’re wondering, that’s “How the heck should I know. I live in London!” in Elvish. Specifically, Tengwar (with an east London dialect).


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