Why was the server blade pulled from the auction at FanFest?

Genuinely curious why this was pulled from the auction. There was some significant interest in this.

Anyone know why or can get an answer?

Maybe they will sell an NFT to it instead. :upside_down_face:


Is the blade signed for authenticity?

I’m sure it has a certificate of authenticity :slightly_smiling_face:

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Rational answer: I don’t know.

My biased answer: Probably CCP realized they forgot confidential data inside the HD.


No sane person sells used storage, as for a company selling used storage, that’s ludicrious.

I can see the pre-filled in GDPR forms right now.

The irony no? That’s the image of CCP inside my mind. Like I said totally biased.

someone forgot to clear the browser history

They realized they needed to use it. Budget cuts.

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Hello, hellow. Plz send help, everything is burning!!!

OUCH that hurts.

Come on guys, accept the price changes and pay an year in advance, CCP will deliver this time.

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