Why won't CCP make an ESI Security App?

Just for the usual CEO stuff. If you did, it would be official and safe. Most other third party apps have unique features etc… but we could use a SECURE AND LEGIT general security app that is OFFICIALLY SAFE.

This being for folks like me who do not develop and do not trust strangers on the Internet.

Take a look at how it went with the Eve Portal App for mobiles and then ask CCP to make a good app, once more.
The community both have far more time and far more interest in making this stuff, ccp only provides the API, not any of the actual tools and its doubtfull they ever will.

For now, use https://beta.esiknife.space/login
Its an open source tool, with great features.

What would you like the app to do?

CCP made the ESI to be as secure as possible. You have to give permission for each program to access certain scopes (what it can see about you) before they work, so you can see what they ask for. You can also cancel any of the scopes you have agreed to through the account-page.

And have to have a developer account, which opens you up to bans if “something” goes wrong, just to use EvEMon. Ridiculous. Only way I’ll have a developer account is if CCP is cutting me a paycheck.

I guess common sense ain’t so common these days. The reason to avoid using third party apps is because they are not trustworthy, legally bound, nor part of a growing business as a video game developer which in this case is the related company.

I did not know about the past apps they tried to develop. I guess this is just the wrong question to ask here… Seems like everyone is so concerned whether if they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

I found a source that will let me check an ESI API without me myself risking my data… too bad I did not find this before. :confused:


Regarding the app in question, what would be the point of it? At best it’s an app that you can “look” at ■■■■ with. If you actually wanted to act on it, you would have to log into the game.

Now, regarding your misplaced paranoia, if an app you give access to misappropriates your information (think tripwire and siggy leaking location information so that you can be hunted by others, as an example) and you bring that to CCP, they will kill the offending app. If an app uses your information for any purpose they do not explicitly inform you that it is going to be used for, it’s a breach of the developer agreement, and CCP will sanction the app, and possibly the account behind it, as necessary. That’s why EVESkunk is functionally dead. Unless people willingly log into such an app for that explicit purpose.

@Makavi_Madeveda The reason for that is entirely different. It’s because desktop apps have no way to sufficiently hide the client id:secret from users like web-hosted apps can. Not without using a website as a authentication proxy like PYFA does. At which point, why not just make it a web app in the first place? And that’s why apps like evemon require their users to make their own dev account- you are responsible for your usage. Only have alpha accounts? Oh well, the developers decided your inability to use the app was less important than making sure their account is protected from consequences of abuse.

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Ok. So, would you say the app in mind here such as ESIKnife and EVE-HR are okay or safe to use? :slight_smile: I appreciate the verification and detailed response!

Yes. They’re written specifically for recruitment. At least ESIKnife is (this is the one I recommend, not the other poor imitations).

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