should a blaster thorax be getting 130 dps? hell i could get more on destroyers, and don’t destroyers have better application?

and don’t tell me to get t2 blasters

I recreated your build. Looks like the issue is you just haven’t trained your support skills.

I’m not saying 340 (490 with drones) dps is amazing. But it’s using electrons and 1 damage mod, plus it has 40k EHP which is gargantuan compared to most cruisers.

I don’t even disagree cruisers seem weak right now, but you really need to train your support skills. Right now you’re a chauffeur in a ship, you’re not actually piloting it anywhere close to it’s full potential.


Is that with regular antimatter or fed navy antimatter?

Fed navy AM.

I understand new players are short on cash, but it’s genuinely the cheapest DPS increase you can buy for a ship.

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So it is my skills. I’ll buy fed navy but can anyone let me know what the support skills are?

And i agree, 40k ehp impressed me too

Edit: any suggestions how to make it cap stable?

look in gunnery skills at the pre-reqs for medium blaster specialization. gallente cruiser lvl also adds damage.
if you can use T2 small blasters , throw lite neutrons on for now :japanese_ogre:
don’t worry about cap-stability , someone’s gonna be dead long before you cap out …

in motorcycle terminology, it’s called a ‘handlebar holder’ :smiley:


Support Skills:
A range of skills that add benefit, but don’t typically unlock new, sexy, stuff like ships and bigger guns. As such they are often overlooked.

So, the Magic 14 of basic improvements to ships - agility, CPU, PG, and so forth.

Then as you are a gunship there are gunnery skills worth training: Gunnery (2% per level), Rapid Firing (4% per level), Surgical Strike (3% per level) - train 'em to Level IV and that’s a 30-40% uplift in DPS.
Motion Prediction, Trajectory Analysis and Sharp Shooting will all improve range and damage application - the chance of a better hit at a longer range.

Small improvements all add up.

The other area to improve is the racial ship skills: if you’ve trained the bare skills to sit in a hull you are missing a lot. For the Thorax that’s 5% per level of Gallente Cruiser, again Level IV is a good place. Level IV is normally a good balance between time and benefit.

The Medium Hybrid Skill is another 5% per level.

Skills, they don’t just unlock stuff.

Cap Stability.
Not as critical as people obsess over - you won’t need everything running at the same time. Learn to manage capacitor. The peak recharge rate is about 30% of capacitor - try not to fall below that to avoid too much pain.
Again, skills help: Capacitor Systems Operation and Capacitor Management - train Management first. Between them will improve Capacitor recharge rate by about 40% or so at level IV.
Controlled Bursts reduces capacitor use by guns.
Afterburner and High Speed Manoeuvring reduce capacitor use of the propulsion systems.
Improving skills for repair modules increases the amount they repair reducing the amount you use them and thus practical capacitor consumption.

Again, Eve University for all things Capacitor

Good luck and happy flying/hunting…

(Edited to correct obvious typos. Other errors and omissions are just my plain ignorance. Sorry.)


These skills aren’t sexy, but they make unviable ships powerful. Some ships need just enough skill points to go from blah to best in class.

I raced up the ship tree in my early months of eve, was in a battle-cruisers. Almost lost it to a crow in a 1v1 hisec fight and realised, “Wow, i really don’t understand this game”.

I spent a year flying frigates and training as many skills to 5 as possible. When i got bored with one race i’d spend 7-10 days training a new races frigate skill, and the same again for weapons. I don’t regret it for a minute.

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You don’t need cap stable, 3min 40 seconds is plenty most fights are much shorter, you would have done close to 100k damage in this time and ship’s that tank that much will more than likely have killed you before you run out of cap.

Also you don’t need to keep scram on all the time just put it on initially and if they try run.

Point/scram chows tons of cap.

Huh? I usually never have a problem running scram on my frigates… disruptors do use a bit of power but scrams you can basically permarun unless you are being neuted by a Curse or something.

every deception and betrayal against me will be returned to you with fivefold strength… and maybe even more, I just forgot the exact formula…

Everything you don’t need to perma run means more cap to plug into tank or weapons its about min maxing and if you use a slot for cap then that is 1 less slot.

I guess…

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