Widespread 'socket disconnections'

Saturday 25.11.2017

Reporting the server is still laggy with some rubber banding and reported socket disconnects.

It is an unhappy fact that CCP has not responded to this thread. I expect the GMs and Developers have read it, but for some reason are staying silent… Are they quietly fixing the problem or just ignoring it? I hate to see Eve online being torpedoed with bad IT technology. All my other games are running perfectly so it isn’t my router or network setup.

Question: Why did the GM respond to the thread about the guy that couldn’t get his steam launcher to work, while totally ignoring this socket disconnection mess that is experienced by nearly everyone - a thread with almost 60 complaints in it?

Sunday 03.12.2017

Two weeks later and CCP have not made any comments RE socket disconnection issues.

Today I have the spinning cog that is stopping me from logging in and connecting to the game server. This problem has also been experienced by others including examples posted on this forum as well as examples reported to me from my alliance colleagues over team speak.

What is going on?

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