Will I get banned if

If someone asks for help like this:

“All my toons are in a wormhole & I have a load of stuff in low sec - worth a few Billion - If I contract it to you will you put it in asset safety and move it for me I’ll give you some of the stuff I’m not going to be using”

Will I get banned for accepting the contract?

No, that’s perfectly fine.

Ensure there is no collateral involved (ie. you aren’t expected to give him ISK as collateral to make sure you don’t steal the stuff - that could just be a scam to get you to pay more ISK than the stuff is worth).

Then, the right thing to do would be to teach this guy a lesson in EVE by keeping everything once he contracts it to you.

Scamming, backstabbing and thieving is legal in EVE.

Always remember the following rule, however: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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Ah well My friend got banned - the guy offering the contract had hacked someones account and he got Sh*t on for something out side his control…

No recourse, No considering that he was an innocent party just …Goodbye and tough luck

In this case, stay right away from anything to do with it.

Hacking someone’s account is totally bannable and you could also be banned if you get involved at any point in the process (especially as you’ve just admitted you know).

Report this to CCP security team:


This is me knowing after the fact - edit: I didn’t know he had lost his accounts until He was awol for a while & I contacted him out of game

He still got dumped on for accepting a contract - Not like it was marked “stolen Goods” - How could anyone have known

The best he can do is appeal the ban and hope CCP agree in their review.

However, when someone’s account is hacked, CCP tend to follow the trail of everything and ban people involved, because it can be difficult for them to know whether your friend knew the truth or not.

So if it was a public contract and your friend had no prior contact via evemail, or chats, etc. with the other guy, he might be ok, but appealing is really his only course of action, for that account.

As far as I know he was told what I wrote in the OP

Whats bad is that you said you would have taken the contract - that would have been goodbye to your account

I wouldn’t have taken it personally, no.

However, based only on what you put in the OP, there isn’t a problem. Based on the follow up information, there is a problem, and yes, it can be hard to know.

Assuming your friend isn’t lying about the situation, why are you asking us if you’d get banned by doing the same exact thing he did that got him banned? If enough of us say " naaaahhhhh go ahead" are we supposed to be your exhibit A in your defense to CCP banning you? Open a ticket to the professionals that decide if someone is to be banned and get an opinion that actual matters.

I see this as a warning to others who may spend time in discord/chat with people they have no real knowledge of - Beware of how you help them out and be aware of what could happen

Then it probably would have been good to post the thread as a warning from the start (including a much better title that will stand out clearly for readers of the forum and/or people that search on Google), rather than only post part of the information, looking totally fine, knowing the outcome you expected would be the result, only to follow it up with additional information that changed the context.

Now, you’ve posted even further information, that your friend had spent time in a discord chat with this other guy, and so it’s likely that there is other information that we also don’t know.

So all your friend can do is appeal the ban and hope CCP see it his way.


Plus the premise is weak if they are trying to set this up as, you aren’t in Corp so you can’t dock= asset safety. They should be able to have one of the 2 other characters on the account get the contract and achieve the same thing. My gut reaction to this would be its a bunch of junk not worth the isk id have to pay = scam. Best case scenario, they are too lazy to ship to a station to sell so they want me to buy it.

I spent time in chat with him as well and if he had asked me to move his stuff I would have said ‘yes no problem’ without question

Yeah… IBTL.

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I’m only 155cm! :frowning:


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