Will local be fixed any time soon

new patch STILL not fixed chat
will the chat and local system be fixed any time soon are you just going to ignore it like every other problem with the game

I was working in Libya a few years ago and the local escort I had, when asked about the time for meetings, or time to leave and head somewhere, always replied “in 5 minutes”.

5 minutes could be anything from 5 minutes to a few hours (often closer to a few hours).

CCP have a similar relationship with the word “soon”.

It’ll be done soon™️

That could be anything from soon to never, though with this one, closer to soon.

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Get used to it.

Yesterday everything worked fine, today after DT ■■■■’s broken again. Corp chat took ages to load, couple player owned channels don’t load the list of current people in them. Corp mates are reporting people in local being “neutral” to them even though they are set to -10/+10.

Issue still persist today. My first experience with this is right now and the port is fine. This is a CCP issue that they should fix if they want to keep a player base going

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