Will tier one hull prices return to pre-scarcity levels?

I’ve noticed a modest reduction in tier 1 BC and cruiser hull prices over the last year, however, they are still aren’t close to pre-scarcity levels.

Will we ever seen pre-scarcity prices again? If not, why?

The intention of scarcity was to reduce the amount of resources in the game and the amount of resources entering the game.

I don’t think we’ll ever see pre-scarcity prices again, those prices were a result of a messed up age of out-of-control yield from Rorquals, and the reason CCP made the game go through a drastic scarcity phase even though many people didn’t like it.


I’m glad to say that Tier One BC’s haven finally dropped enough in price that I can begin to hand them out for drunk roams again.

Oh, you’ll see them again.

Give it another six months, and maybe another ganking nerf or two.

Is that what scarcity was all about? To give the ingame market room for further ganking nerfs without immediately overflowing the market with items? :tinfoil:

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