Will we ever see armor/hull only ships?

been gone for a year ish and not caught up on anything but will we ever see a ship like the sleepers with only armor and hull? or maybe caldari will make a shield/hull only one? for me, thats what would really bring me back to the game (also a PDC system).

If that’s what brings you back to the game …
… what is it you actually care about?


something new and not the same old mechanics that we had at release

Okay, so you will be coming back for one or two new ships with slightly different mechanics …
… and then what? You’ll stay for a month, until you’re bored yet again and drop out again.

Do you really think people who require shiny things are good customers? You require to be baited into playing the game. That makes you a horrible customer, because you’re like a drug addict who will easily leave for a different dealer, as soon as that dealer provides better stuff.


and i see you are just a troll. since when was it a crime to like things that others dont? people like you are the reason this game is ■■■■.

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Triglavians are armor hull with a pinch of a shield layer on a top



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I agree with @Solecist_Project here. Not being a troll when CCP does not need more side projects to carried away from main issues.


TBH you dont really need armour only ships or shield only ships. If you are Armor tanked then your shields go down very quick anyway, so it is almost like not having shields! Same with Shield tanked.


A game design suggestion should be in the https://forums.eveonline.com/c/technology-research/player-features-ideas section.

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I’ve honestly always hated the idea of having different buffers that fill the same roles in the same ways.

Buffer shield, buffer armor, buffer hull.
Active shield, active armor, “active” hull (it’s not very active, but it can still be active lol).

It’s always one of these, unless you’re in a buffer titan that’s supposed to eat 50-60 DDs and get repped up.

I’ve always thought that:

  • Shields should have low buffer but be active
  • Armor should be entirely buffer, never active
  • Hull shouldn’t even exist, with the EHP rolled into armor
  • Generally, all ships would actively benefit from using active shields and buffer armor, as opposed to focusing on a single tank.

For example, shields should be able to take a small amount of damage, but they’ll naturally bleed into armor. They can recover quickly, so you need to press your advantage while you have it. Armor, otoh, being purely passive, can be quite a bit heavier than it is now, given that it’s intended to be bled into.

The idea that my hull can take a pounding is simply stupid. Why would one designing a ship not use that extra mass for armor, instead of adding a bunch of shitty structure. If you’re putting holes in my ship, it’s gonna pop.

The idea that I’ve got shields on my ship that I’m literally ignoring because I’m an armor fit ship is also stupid. Why have shields at all?

its an interesting idea but it is pointless.

If by PDC you mean dailies, NO

When you are “doing it right” there is plenty to do every day without forced activities with zero relevance.


It’s not trolling pointing at people who are mostly driven by primitive, lower instincts.

I just really prefer people around me who have actual values, who care about things, who can think critically and spend at least a few minutes per day self-reflecting about themselves and their behaviour, instead of requiring bait to be manipulated into behaving in certain ways because there just isn’t a single mindful, conscious thought in their brains.

The problem here isn’t me pointing at you, it’s you not comprehending your situation.
So in that regard … sorry about that.
That one’s absolutely on me, so let me jump on-topic:

I think your idea isn’t bad, it’s just pointless.
The apparent reasons for implementing it are short sighted,
driven by wantsies and not actually helping the game at all.
I’m not saying it’s dumb, because it really isn’t dumb.

But the whole rest behind that idea … that’s a totally different story.




I understand your point of view but I would think that having the shield/armor/hull trio allows the possibility for unexpected fittings to try and surprise the opposition. Or, gameplay trumps logic.

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Dude, it’s not. I would just ignore it. It’s totally fine if you want new ships, though I doubt you’ll get them any time soon.

My PvP alt regularly flies ships that (eventually) have only armor/hull, then nothing at all…


Real men honour tank anyway. OP is moot.

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Is it really shocking when you start shooting someone, and you see that their shield isn’t going down quickly? Or that it is, but it’s regenerating? Or that it isn’t, but their armor’s going slowly? Or that IT is, but it’s regenerating? Or that it isn’t, but their hull is?

Emergent my ass. It doesn’t increase gameplay, and it’s still just tank… apart from “shoot it till they’re dead”, your other option is “shoot it till they’re dead”

I’ve seen all the meme fits. The shock lasts perhaps half a second while they realize that at the end of the day, tank is tank.

Besides, all I’m really functionally saying is get rid of shield extenders, get rid of armor reppers (remote as well), roll structure into armor, and increase armor EHP a bit.

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PLEX :credit_card: tank best tank. :slight_smile:

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