Windows 10 Interference

Hi… I have discovered that Windows 10 Home Edition has been interfering with my Eve game play by continuously hogging internet bandwidth loading updates onto my computer… I have tried everything to stop it, but nothing seems to work… Disabling “wuauserve”, metering internet connection, and even the task scheduler will not stop it… Does anyone have any advanced tips/tweeks to stop Windows 10 Home Edition from continuously loading updates onto my computer?

I installed Win10 three times on the same machine, now it works without bluescreens or interruptions. After Win7 Upgrade I had severe issues, and after a Meltdown&Specter patch my machine just went nuts.
I guess you still have two to go :wink:

That’s encouraging… lol… :slight_smile:

It seems the latest updates don’t let you (or rather, me) disable the update service. It doesn’t seem to be as big an issue for me though because combining metered connections and all the restrictions you can put in the advanced settings section means it only updates when I do it manually anyway.

I tried that and it still tries to load them onto my computer whenever it wants… Microsoft keeps updating to prevent users from disabling it… They even blocked the registry ways… Totally sucks… MS is deliberately doing this to force users to buy the Win 10 Business Edition in order to stop it…

Do the following:

Go to settings, Update and Security, Advanced Options, Delivery Optimization, Advanced Options

There you can set how much bandwidth to allow for windows updates and windows update sharing and how much data total to upload. That will help. I don’t know how much bandwidth you have, I’m on 60 megs down and I put these to about 1/3 and they still download fairly quick without eating all the bandwidth for stuff I usually do like games or netflix.

Also, Settings, Update and Security, Advanced Options. You can uncheck / disable all 3 options there, unless there is something specific you want, for example you may actually like the MS Store updates or have Office suite installed and actually need the updates for that, etc. If not you can disable it all.

Word of warning: If you disable all the stuff I listed above, you will need to get your updates manually at least once every 2 weeks or so. Even your security updates will be affected and if you forget or neglect to do so your system will become out of date and experience all the problems related to this up to and including not receiving security updates on time and thus making your system more vulnreable to various forms of attacks.

You can do so, manually update, by going to Settings, Update and Security, and hitting the “Check for Updates” button. You should also know, that even if it green and says that system is up to date, it actually isn’t and there are often updates available that have not been downloaded and / or installed. So you need to hit that button anyways, even if it says you don’t need to. I don’t know if its an actual Microsoft bug or some sort of stupid feature, but whatever, just hit it and let it do its thing.

Next you can try this out it really helps. However, it can be pretty daunting for someone unaware of what the different things do. So I recommend you use it with care. read up on some of the stuff first, use the built in recommended options and system restore just in case. If something does go wrong, you can easily reverse it when you make a backup.

Thanks… I already did your first suggestion and it did nothing to stop it… Windows 10 totally ignores all those settings, task scheduler, and does whatever it wants whenever it wants… I have to keep disabling wuauserv, (which keeps reenabling on its own) and cleaning out the SoftwareDistribution file all the time to avoid update installation tying up my computer for an hour… Microsoft sucks!!!


Ok, so you have something else going on. It should absolutely not ignore the settings. Question, did you do all this while on admin account ? That might be an issue if not. Also, do try the 2nd and the 3rd, just make a system restore point before you proceed so you can roll it back easily if something happens or you don’t like it.

Next, also, this is a small thing but … go to the search thingy, type in Remote Acc, select “Allow remote access to your pc …” and make sure its disabled, unchecked, cause its enabled by default.

Also make sure you have all the xbox and microsoft store crap uninstalled / disabled, and are not signed in on your main microsoft account as that automatically connects you with outlook, one drive, etc. etc. and keeps constantly updating all that crap.

In fact, you can go to Settings, Privacy, and go through each thing you find there and just disable most of it except the stuff you are actually using. That will help a lot as well.

Other then those things, I have no idea. I do however recommend you go over to the microsoft forums directly and ask there.

Is this a new computer or did you just install win 10 ?
Once it catches up with all the (massive) updates it needs it should be fine. Spend a day or two letting it do all the needed updates is what I did and it runs fine now.

There are cumulative updates every month, and generally no updates afterwards, for me anyways.

For you OP, sounds like your rig needs some serious Win10 love, as its updating loads, as above said, let it get all its updates, then it should settle down.

he everyone

windows 10 automaticly sense how much bandwidth you have and will not use 100% of it
it should not load 100s of updates each day … that will only happen if there was a problem downloading the update and it has to be loaded again

so run windows update … download everything and install it … then have no download for the rest of the month

if this is not working i would say you should reinstall windows clean
you can activate it with a windows 7 or windws 8/8.1 serial or of corse a windows 10 serial


Defender and definitions for it are on weekly or “as needed” basis. Often times they release updates for it within 2-3 days of a new larger threat appearing and roll them out ASAP to have as few systems as possible affected.

Yes. He might have some otehr issues though, something seriously bugged. Like he said he limited it all via the available settings and none of them worked. They should have.

I remember back when Win 10 first went retail from the free upgrade I had some similar issues and had to uninstall and re-install the whole microsoft update thing itself. Had to go to Microsoft support to get that resolved. It worked.

you did the upgrade?
i never tryed when it was possible
i always dd a fresh installation … never had any problem with windows 10

i hve the update settings on windows 10 as they are and its downloading stuff and installing stuff from time to time with no problem and i dont have a very good internet connection


I did. But then I had to buy it anyways, after a while I had to do a clean install and for whatever reason it wouldn’t recognize my system, I even called MS but it was completely useless and the idiots at MS call center accused me of trying to upgrade from a pirated version of windows, which is utterly false as I purchased the full, not upgrade but full retail physical version straight from microsoft.

Really pissed me off. I wish I had recorded that phone call, would have made a video of my windows package etc. and plastered it all over the web along with that phone call.

you bought a windows 10?
you can activate windows 10 with a windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 key

that was expensive … damn


Good morning… Thanks for all your input and help… I’ve been trying to hold off any updates because they clean out some of the programs that I have on my computer…which is probably why it keeps trying to install everyday… Found that Win update enables itself every night around 7 PM and attempts to load 5 gigs of update files onto my computer to update it… When this starts, you have to go and disable it again in services which allows you to delete the files downloaded to the SoftwareDistribution file… That ends up stopping it for 24 hours before it turns back on and tries to update all over again… I’m looking for a tweek to stop Win Update altogether, but Microsoft has gone out of its way to block registry access to do it in order to get customers to buy Win 10 Business Edition which allows you to stop it…

This is somewhat false and you very seriously have some big issues with your system. I have 2 PCs with Win 10 Home edition 64 bit, more specifically 1 desktop rig and 1 laptop and have helped and worked on multiple other PCs in my family.

You update settings don’t seem to do anything, as you said, and now you can’t edit registry, even though rest of us can.

When I think about it, there are a few scenarios at play that can cause this. The only time when you absolutely have to take all updates and have no option of backing out is if you are a part of the “insider” program. When you do a clean install of Windows, you may have inadvertantly just clicked through it without reading or understanding all these options and now you are basically stuck with it. I do not know if there is a way to reverse this without a whole brand new windows installation on a clean formatted drive. And even if there is a way to opt out of it, there may be leftovers that most systems will not have.

If you log into your system as admin and run regedit, you should be able to edit all registry keys, if something is hidden such as system files etc. you can enable them.

Next the actual updates. the only actual updates that are forced and can not be disabled are critical security updates. Most of which are defender itself or its definitions and are small, but there are some which address various Windows vulnreabilities and those can be large as it will update the particular pert of Windows. And I hate to say it, but you do need those. It is a bad, bad idea to postpone them for too long. It is true that you can postpone these, but not indefinetly, eventually you will have to install them.

Next, you may have something somewhere enabled, or you have chosen it during Windows installation, that prevents you from doing the things you are currently attempting to do. Being unable to use regedit to change registry values is a dead giveaway here. You have either some parental controls or system or content controls or something like that enabled. There is also a possibility that it is a 3rd party program such as anti virus, anti malware, or some sort of security suite such as mcafee, kaspersky or norton. You really need to check all that, including and especially installation options and components and need to understand what they do and not just click through it all and let it run rampart.

Next, there is an option that lets you set active hours. Perhaps it is set so that your inactive hours start at 7PM. Need to check it. just type “active hour” into the search thingy and it should come up. Set your inactive hours to when you are not using your computer. If it works it should at least reschedule your update time to different hours then 7PM, if it doesn’t work, then again, that is your system specific issue, not Windows.

If you have a pre build system such as Dell or whatever else, it is also likely that you have a screwed up install of windows on it, as it is theirs and not yours and can and often does have their crapware on it that will block you from gaining control of your system.

You most definetly do not need the business version, but you may need to clean re-install and on a new account as the one you have may be completely borked.

If you do decide to do a re-install, your Eve settings are located at c:\users**yourusername**\appdata\local\ccp\eve\c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\settings_default copy and backup that folder. Your overview settings are in Documents\Eve\overview copy and backup that folder.

You can also copy and backup the whole eve folder, but beware that restoring that from backup sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t and you have to re-install eve anyways, then restore your settings and overview folders.

I highly recommend you make another outlook account, make an anonymous one, don’t give it your phone number or anything, as little info as possible. Then create another user using that account, make sure it has
full admin rights, shut down, log into it and redo all your windows settings, see if that helps.

And eventually you will just need to bite the bullet and get those updates. Why not just turn on your computer when you are doing laundry or before you go out to dinner or something, hit manual update and let it update and catch up at that time ? I do not know your bandwidth but with me 5 gigs is like 20 minutes, no big deal.

If you do decide to reinstall windows from scratch, make sure you make a new account on outlook first and use that during installation, then download all your latest drivers, backup everything you need to backup eitehr to another drive or thumbdrive, do not use the Onedrive or Googledrive etc. or you’ll be back to square one and even worse. Make sure you do not have these installed, and/or disable them. Make sure you create a “Microsoft Media Creation Tool” you will need a USB stick or thumb drive or something for it with 8 GB of space, 16 is recommended. If you have leftover space on it after you create this tool, it is a good idea to also put all your latest version drivers on it.

During the installation jsut reformat your main drive, then hardboot before proceeding further, even though it does not ask you to, otherwise there is a good chance it will bug out on you and now you’ll have even more trouble.

So in any case, just swallow the bullet and do those updates, or re-install from scratch. This is unfortunately really your system problem most likely caused by incorrect installation, account management or alike.

To get rid of WindowsSnakeoil^WDefender 1) boot linux 2) run ntfsfix on the windows system partition 3) mount the windows system parition 4) delete any instance of WindowsDefender (there are usually 2 folders) 5) unmount windows system partition 6) boot windows 7) repeat every 6 month.

just update your windows 10

it has never removed any programs on my PCs


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