Wine 7 discussion thread

Which requires me to create a burner github account for that purpose. I don’t use github )

Which would’ve already taken less time and effort to do than what you’ve spent writing up these posts :wink: But you do you

I thought it was important to highlight this issue, it was something that I found when I was looking through their repo that stuck out. Thought I was seeing things tbh and hoped somebody would set me right that they did follow the license and show me it in the repo.

Gotcha, apologies then, the original posts came off more as complaining/shaming to me, but sounds like that was my mistake. Again I’m not a licensing lawyer but I can try to take some time to look at the original repos later and see if anything sticks out to me about the licensing.

thats their schtick… whine and complain about things (like having to be omega to set up a 3rd party dev account, but can be alpha after the fact.) or wanting win10 users to be treated like linux.

So wuts the verdict on Wine 7 for gaming, Eve for example?

I am only testing the environment and apps not games in a VM.

Is it worth moving from Proton 5.0-10 (later Proton versions won’t launch on Mint 20 for some odd reason, and 5.0-10 won’t use Vulkan for Eve) to Wine 7.0.0?

Not worth it for Evemon, it’s dead, but, for Eve?

Eve has been running fine for me on the Wine 7 RC’s (I still haven’t upgraded to the stable build). Note that I use wine-staging rather than vanilla, with the latest DXVK.

When installing wine-stable from the winehq repo using the wine-stable .deb it doesn’t set up the sym links or environment PATH to the /opt/wine-stable/bin , is there a package that installs the symlinks to the bin rather than use the environment since symlinks can be changed without reloading the environment profile?

I’m not sure unfortunately–I use Arch (btw :stuck_out_tongue: ). Hopefully someone else here uses the deb package and can help out. If not, there is also the winehq channel in IRC

It’s not an issue really as I can either make the sym links myself, or just update the PATH but, would be nice if there was a package that had some easy way to keep em updated without me having to create it.

As it stands, out of the box, the wine-stable .deb won’t work without post install steps to let it know where it is in /opt, this may throw a new user a twist.

I tested it in a clean distro install in a VM, and 6.0.2 worked fine out of the box, but 7.0.0 did not because the system was unaware it was in /opt and pretty much the commands are not found, meaning things won’t launch without “knowledge” and effort.

Edit: this is because i used wine-stable rather than winehq-stable.

I have Wine 7 in a VM (guest is Mint 20.3), so I setup a prefix for Eve.

ran the installer to install it and got this


The prefix was defaulting to Windows 7 compatibility.

When I changed it to Windows 10 it worked.

I also had to do an environment override to even get the launcher to install too as per WineHQ Bugzilla – Bug 50859 – Guild Wars 2 setup crashes with GLXBadFBConfig with Mesa 21


I also had to set the prefix back to Windows 7 compatibility in order for the launcher to work.

Custom compiled wine 7 stable in Fedora. It works nicely. I can feel that graphics are smoother than the 7 RCs. I use the windows launcher, updated to the latest version.

Proton is getting more isolated and contained, with Valve now adding DRM into it for Steam Deck and publishers acceptence, bwrap, Linux kernel namespace isolation, DRM modules (BattlEye etc). Proton is a walled garden that is typical of Valve and Apple et al.

Wine is more desktop integrated.

Hopefully they will port all the libraries to PE format soon for Wine on 64 via thunking so we can finally have the :i386 packages removed, it would greatly reduce the size of the package deploying.

As long as we have GE we are fine.

Then I strongly suggest you keep a local copy of the repository. Remote repositories can disappear any time.

git clone

If you want an estimate on the size before cloning it you can do

curl -s |grep size

I do have one issue and Eve client and multi-head and it not liking the combination of XRandR extensions and NV. Wine 7 apparently has “new and improved” multi-head support.

  • Support for multiple displays (“multi-head”) is implemented. In practice,
    this tends to mean the ability to choose which monitor a Direct3D application
    will use for full-screen mode. Note that this depends on the underlying
    display drivers to accurately report the attached displays. For Wine’s X11
    driver, that requires proper support for version 1.4 or later of the X RandR

0080:err:winediag:is_broken_driver Broken NVIDIA RandR detected, falling back to RandR 1.0. Please consider using the Nouveau driver instead.
0080:fixme:xrandr:xrandr10_get_current_mode Non-primary adapters are unsupported.
0080:fixme:xrandr:xrandr10_get_current_mode Non-primary adapters are unsupported.

It seems to default back to 1.0 even though I have much later versions.

$ xrandr -v
xrandr program version 1.5.0
Server reports RandR version 1.6

My eve client always resets my monitor structure and reactivates my disabled display resets it to primary when opened at full screen.

I have to do this every new desktop session.

I don’t feel competent to maintain any of that, if it disappears I’m at the mercy of other people to continue the job. :smiling_face_with_tear:

But yeah, I think I understood your point, github is not the most trustful ‘repo center’. But I also don’t think GE will have a breakdown like our npm ‘friend’.

And also, let’s not start a offtopic in here, let it rest. Let’s keep the focus on wine 7 and it’s variants. I’m just pointing that the GE version is so good it makes proton almost useless, and even if you need proton, you can use his proton. I bet his proton will circumvent the steam, and after understanding your point, we need to first check the license to see if Valve can take any action, I don’t have that info rn.


I think the DRM they are adding is to enable game publishers to run on Wine / Proton in a compatible way that currently cannot be done, translated that means games like PUBG are coming to Steam Deck / Proton. Currently they cannot be run due to Windows specific DRM that cannot run on Wine / Proton.

I just realized Proton-GE is downstream of valve/proton.

Copyright (c) 2018-2020, Valve Corporation
All rights reserved.

Redistribution and use of Proton in source and binary forms is governed
by a variety of licenses.

Refer to the contents of LICENCE.proton for the license for the top
level contents of the Proton project.

Proton uses a variety of other software, each of which is governed
by its own license. Those licenses are contained in a file named
LICENSE or COPYING in each directory.

I gonna go with frack, it has a chance of ending bad.

Anyway, I use wine-lutris-ge most of the time. Which is bound to wine license. Ofc he can wake up one day and erase it, but like I stated before, I don’t feel I can do a better job, so no point forking it.