Wine and Proton fingerprinting

Can CCP fingerprint Linux users on Proton / Wine so they know how many Linux users are actually playing Eve?

Is there any client side code to check or server code that can fingerprint Linux users?

Maybe we could use the linux channel… untill few months ago, only a handful used it. I dont think CCP will do anything to say how many of us are here, as it would tell them that they need to treat us like the other options, and they dont want to do that.

Maybe we could run a poll in this forum? do we have forum poll tools? Or maybe run it at some external site…

PS: And the problem with forum polls is that not many folks read the forums…

If you look at the logs when launching the client it does collect information about Wine and the version in use, so I’m pretty sure they are seeing that information

I suppose what the OP wants is to see how many of us are really out there, compared to mac hardware… but I doubt they would tell us.

Not only that, but also I am pretty OCD about sanitising logs and what information on my systems is sent to the point of even disabling all crash dumps without sanitisation, last thing I want leaked is what processes I run and other internal information that is gained from profiling. I harden and isolate as much as I can.

But certinally, knowing the size of the Eve Linux user base and the velocity and trajectory of it is a nice to know.

I have not seen any collection of information like that in my debugging/reversing efforts if it makes you feel any better

I suppose CCP is trying to get rid of the platform discussions with EVE Anywhere in the long run… so I do not expect more support then now for EVE under Linux.

Well, they just put effort into a native Mac client, that tells you that Eve anywhere is an experiment and push for tablet gamers, not deskop gamers.

Now if the browser version was like the desktop platform and open to all, and not tablet simplified, sure, that would make sense and welcomed, but it’s not for desktop users is it.

You’re not going to multi-box on a browser version, and multi-boxers make up a huge chunk of the game don’t they?

They’re (CCP) are using cross platform tools, have native Mac and Windows clients, it’s not a stretch far to go Linux native too.

They use QT, Python, and can use OpenGL and Vulkan.

Their old mininum specs for W7 are outdated, they did a DirectX spec update a few years back killing off old versions. W10 is the new mininum these days, W10 is recommended, they’re even killing older MacOS versions support, simply because, too much effort, reduce the test matrices, even W8.1 is past end of life, 2025 W10 is end of life.

Push now to prune off the old legacy platform versions and go full cross platform.

W7, W8.1 and MacOS are tiny % market share globally (% in the single digits), even less so on gaming and especially niche gaming, and people are dumping W7/W8 in favour of W10/W11 or Linux and Mac.

When the choice comes down to Linux or Eve, it will be Linux that stays on the machine.

I’ve already made that choice…

That’s not going to work for people like me, who don’t run Eve any more because they don’t want the hassle of not knowing if it’ll still be working tomorrow. Now that CCP don’t include ‘Linux support’ in the list of reasons for ending your subscription there’s no way for them to tell how many of us are gone because of it. I keep checking back to this forum with the (vain) dream that they might come to their senses, but I don’t hold out much hope.

I keep checking back to this forum with the (vain) dream that they might come to their senses, but I don’t hold out much hope.

I don’t blame you, but if the goal is to get them to consider supporting Linux in some capacity, unsubbing would have the opposite effect. Companies make decisions like that based on the percentage of the playerbase that use it. If enough players used wine on Linux to justify the cost of supporting it I’m sure they would

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