Wine Eve Launcher stuck on spinning CCP logo

I installed Eve using Lutris script for DXVK + ESYNC from using the Lutris launcher. This used to work fine for me, however this time after the Eve launcher does all its updates etc it gets stuck at the spinning CCP logo.

The error message in the terminal I get is this:

[384:388:0731/] WSALookupServiceBegin failed with: 8

One suggestion I’ve seen is to enable Wine to create raw sockets without root access. Doing this allows the CCP networking diagnostics tool to ping the various CCP resources, but the problem above still persists.

I’ve also tried installing wine-staging and installing DXVK on my system and telling Lutris to use that instead (which also used to work fine) but no cigar either. Additionally I’ve double checked that my firewall isn’t blocking anything (all outgoing allowed and other apps work fine).

My system is an up-to-date Manjaro Linux. I used to use Arch where it was previously working before just fine.

Looks like I solved this by installing the following package from the AUR:


The error still occurs in the logs however the Eve launcher lets me log in now and runs the game fine.

I am experiencing the same issue. I have installed lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs but still no cigar with either lutris install (tried both of the newest ones). Opening settings and closing them shows the Log In button, but clicking it reverts to the spinning CCP logo.

Not quite sure what to do, but I do get (in the wine console) an error message:

SetProcessDPIAwareness failed. (Access denied)

every time I try to click on the Log In button, shortly after the spinning CCP logo