This looks like a really nice solution for making it easier to play games with wine

I’m not really a fan of flatpack or snap in general, but this seems to be the right approach for proprietary software. What do you think about adding EVE there?

I think the same thing about this as I do all the other “How to make Eve work on Linux” and “Fresh install won’t start” threads on this sub-forum: It is a tool that doesn’t have a purpose.

Install Wine somewhere above version 3.
Install WINDOWS version of Eve.

Now, because people have choice, somebody is going to do it. Hell somebody will probably get a little kudos from the community for doing it. I support the effort put into it, and congratulate them ahead of time on a job well done.

I just don’t believe I’ll use it…because we already have wine developers to thank for making it work in the first place. To me, this is an extra step to which there is no return on investment or value added.

Yeah, I can see that it does not have value for everyone. But there are people out there who are not really tech savvy and they will definitely profit from a tested runtime and ease of installation via package manager GUI.

Also beyond the initial benefits to non-tech savvy users there is

  • Sandboxing for free, which I think is a good idea with non-free software
  • Runtime can be optimized with newest stuff and tweaks by people who have in-dept knowledge and everyone can profit.

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