Question about Wine version compatibility (Linux Mint 18.2 Xfce)

I use Mint, which has a Software Manager that installs Wine with a single click.

My question is: Is there anything wrong with that Wine build that was solved by 2.0.3 (current stable)? Literally the only thing I would use it for is to manage my Eve market stuff before falling asleep in bed.

The reason they don’t offer the latest Wine is because it’s not yet been fully tested and deemed stable by the specific group of Mint developers who maintain the libraries available Mint’s Software Manager.

I would recommend installing PlayOnLinux, it’s a wine manager that allows you to use a specific version of Wine with each program. Very nice in avoiding issues where different programs do better with different versions of wine.

Also, there is an “official” unofficial Eve launcher for Linux. It’s what I use on my Linux system and have found it works very well and easier to get going then messing with regular wine.

Hey! I found that launcher after creating this thread. A player from that thread says it installs its own Wine version, so it looks like downloading the launcher and running that .sh is all I really need to worry with, right?

so it looks like downloading the launcher and running that .sh is all I really need to worry with, right?

Basically, it’s a really a nice convenient self-contained wrapper. Just run the .sh script, let it do it’s thing, play Eve Online. The version of wine it uses is dated but it works great without the usual configuration hassle you usually get. Also since it’s self-contained it won’t be affected as you update to newer versions of Wine.

Even though it’s irrelevant to Eve Online since the Linux launcher is so good, I would still strongly recommend checking out PlayOnLinux. It makes sandboxing all your (other) windows programs a breeze.

Heres my 2 cents:

If you plan to use DX11 (which ccp might eventually require anyway) you will need a much newer Wine. Winehq wont except bug reports from PlayOnLinux installs, otherwise its fine if you feel you need it (have lots of games). Winehq doesn’t provide 1.x binaries anymore and that’s telling.

Generally you should use CCP’s wine, a winehq package, or build it yourself. In that order. But that’s my opinion, and I don’t use Mint, I use Debian.

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