WiNGSPAN Channel

Hey all, Valdaryan Penken here with WiNGSPAN Delivery Services.

In the past our CEO, the honorable Chance Ravinne, would play a lot and upload content to the WiNGSPAN YouTube channel. There is great content there and valuable information (though some is outdated now), however, I wanted to keep the WDS YouTube side alive and keep content flowing. Times have changed and i’m still fairly new to the Corp. but i’ve taken the opportunity to try and fill that gap for all prospecting pilots that have been inspired by Chance’s work. I’ve created a YouTube channel that i keep up to date with current content and our daily shenanigans.

I know i’ll never be able to replace Chance and his masterpieces as i’m not a professional content creator, graphics designer, or master editor…but i do what i can to keep ppl engaged. Go check out my channel, sub, like, comment on the new content.

This channel is in part trying to change that philosophy in that we’re just “T3/Strat noobs camping Heron and Magnate noobs for hours on end.” I am trying to show that we still engage in fleet battles, some dont go as planned, some go completely horrible, some go flawlessly.

Hope to see you guys in there, and Thanks!

“I’ll see you in the dark.”

Valdaryan Penken>>>end transmission


i Used to enjoy Chances videos/commentary. Whats happened to him?

Ill check out your channel

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He had another kid, and real life has taken him away. Think of it as an extended break. I’m sure he’ll be back.

Thanks for giving it a gander. i hope the content is of par.


Good for him.

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