[WITHDRAWN] WTS 2010 Caldari Super Cap 94.5M SP Char


2010 Caldari Super Cap Pilot with Caldari/Amarr/Galente Sub-Cap focus

94,584,474 skill points

Sec Status 5

Postive Isk Balance

No Kill Rights

5 Jump Clones HiSec/NPC Null, 2 with Genollution Sets, 3 Remaps avail

Docked in Caldari HiSec

Various assets around New Eden

I pay transfer fee

Opening Bid: 85bn
Buyout: 94bn

If you find interest lacking, I would take it if you stripped it down to a phoenix pilot. lmk.

Greetings Friend, I’ve been out of the game for over 6 years and I wouldn’t even know how to strip skills from a character tbh. I have 10 toons I want to make available so I would rather not make it too complicated.

Understandable, let me know, its not super complicated and can be accomplished over discord or something. Do you have any other pilots that can pilot a Phoenix?

I do have one other but that toon is higher skilled and logged off in a Nyx so it will be the last one I deal with.

Just an FYI, you need to log into the forums with that person and they need to confirm that they are for sale (as proof you own that character).

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Ah, good tip thanks.

Confirming this character is for sale

70b offer

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