Wondering abou: minmatar spiritualitty

I saw the Notes on Achure thread over at the IGS amd wondered to myself are Amarr with their clerus, bible and feudal system, the blood raiders and the Achura group the only religions clearly formulated on paper.
So I started to write down something that combines shamanism and a bit spiritual alchemy. Yet I’m not sure that this is the minmatar believe and was therefor wondering if someone had written a good text on it or i missed the minmatar spirit bible among all texts on eve lore existing.

You might find something in here,


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Well, the thing about minmatar spirituality is that it is such a wide concept. Different tribes and clans will believe in different things. Some may have much in common while others will have little in common.

Common ‘themes’ are (ancestral) spirits and mother nature. However that isn’t set in stone either.

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Do Minmatar have souls?

for my clan I can/could answer this with yes and ancestor spirits with yes and even something close to mother nature.

still it’s an interesting question for the general minmatar population.

My 2¢. Minmatar don’t have a soul as a christian would understand it. As in, there is no rapture, heaven or anything of the sort where the soul ascends or descends after death. The soul or spirit simply changes form and energy state to become something else.

What little I know of the subject is that generally speaking Minmatar spirituality is animistic, that means in the most simplistic way to put it - everything is alive and has a spirit, even the universe itself. That is why it is possible to commune with ancestors, because they never truly disappear, they only change form, but their essence is still there. This seems to be the most common type of Minmatar spirituality, specifically regarding those who live in the Republic and adhere to their most ancient belief systems.

Minmatar, being very heavily widespread in at least three empires, of course hold other beliefs as well; the returned / liberated Nefantar and Starkmanir too, I believe mostly follow the Amarrian religion, though certainly some of them have surely also been swept up by Minmatar animism too, and some might even form a hodgepodge of animistic and theological spiritual views.

Gallentean Minmatar might believe in a Gallentean pantheon, or some new-age religion cooked up there. Some might have even embraced the Caldari Wayism.


that pretty much sound similar to what i had in mind though i arranged it different for the clan, and added some things that are not in the above text.

i put a lower, middle, higher world system, sorted the middle world to an asiatic five element system, put the death goddes in charge of a house of metallic seeds she enters into watery chaos becoming the spirit of anything born. at death she rexlaims the seed and frees the spirit to enter the hall of the ancestors.
with the lower world being a representation of the material reality guardian animal and similars.
the higher world living place of archetypical spirits that are connected with patterns they can be called over.

well on to a rework.

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