Word of caution concerning Centurion implants

(Muriel en Daire) #1

I bought a set of Low-Grade Centurion implants and plugged them into my current jumped clone hoping for the ECM optimal range buff.

Turns out they dont work for ECM Burst. There is no buff and that is what I wanted them for. Nowhere in the description does it say they will not buff ECM Burst.

I turned in a ticket for reimbursement, but unfortunately CCP is unable to reimburse me for this. The GM did recommended I post this on the forums. So take note, capsuleers.

On a side note: ECM Burst seems to be the bastard child of the ECM modules. Lots of restrictions on them getting you flagged for using one…

…in low sec
…out in the middle of nowhere
…with no one around or affected.


You are penalized for just using it keeping you from jumping a gate or docking for awhile.

Fly Safe o7

(Tipa Riot) #2

I didn’t know what Centurion implants are before I read that post, probably because they are useless. And yes, ECM burst is a different beast as an area of effect weapon.

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(Rocket Hellfire) #3

LOL @ ECM. LOL!!! ECM died months ago.

(Muriel en Daire) #4

ECM has saved my hide a few times so I dont know what you mean.

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(Solstice Projekt) #5

Man, I haven’t seen those in YEARS! YEARS!

(Uriel the Flame) #6
(Chan'aar) #7

Won’t save you after the changes, unless its ECM drones.

(MinorFreak) #8
  1. ECM burst on a porpoise, pre-overheated, has a ~50% chance vs a proteus.
    U can that sucker aligned and punch it soon as u hit burst. Having a 50/50 chance of having it work on a cheap porpoise (probably cheaper than ur barges) is damned good odds compared to dying if u get caught by a quick tackler.

  2. Having friendly fire legal cuts some of the pain to ur sec status when u fire off the burst in low sec

  3. Haulers - DSTs - equipped with one (occators ftw) plus a MJD can have an additional option beyond the tried and true cloak+mwd trick.
    Long as u can activate that sucker before someone scrams u that burst might just break its lock.

  4. Rolling megathron suddenly in a bubble? Same thing (plus equip a target breaker…yes finally a use for them eh? Lol)

  5. Centurion implants on an alt that has blackbirds scattered all over can save ur bacon when said alt really cant contribute blops/caps

  6. Is the ecm burst actually listed in the ECM directory on market?