Wormhole collapser

proposal : new module, with its charges, to collapse a WH

I propose to create a new module that could consume high volum charges, and destroy a wh without going through it. when a ship activate the module, any wh 1km from it takes some mass.

  • S charge burns 150 kT, requires 15 000 trit to build, volume is 1500 m³
  • M charge burns 500 kT, requires 50k trit, volume is 6 000 m³
  • L charge burns 1.5MT, requires 150k trit, vol is 25 000 m³
  • XL charge burns 5MT, requires 500k trit, vol is 100 000 m³

module requires powergrid and CPU of same size T2 artillery, 20s cycle, reloads in 10s ; having it fitted increases the mass of the ship by same mass of the charge it can carry, eg the launcher S adds 150kT to the ship mass.

this gives a (small)price to rolling a wh. the ammos are vey heavy so they need to be built in the wh, meaning the building index in that wh will increase.

No. This makes evictions impossible and it makes ratters to safe.

-1, clearly you dont know what you are talking about.

If you want to collapse a hole you should have to have the risk of getting tackled on the other side if you don’t scout there…

WH ratting is already way too safe.

I wouldnt say its too safe, but her proposition makes it the safest activity in the game

Collapsing all WH connections except the static to your home seems rather safe, especially if you have a cloaked scout all the time on the holes before you collapse them to see if someone comes through…

If you want to have something that can collapse the WH connection from your side without going through that mechanic should have a sideeffect which makes additional hole spawning way more probable.

Like 50% chance for a new connection spawning per 10% mass you remove from a hole.

You sure will get rid of that one connection, but if you are unlucky you’ll have 10 other incoming WHs, which are spawned on the other side, since they’re incoming, so can be warped to.


hmmmm interesting.

20s cycle is pretty boring.
entosiscycle and FW is around the 20minutes. that scale is way more interesting for bringing something to the table that everybody can play with. (those that are around will see and can react)
Therefor it also has to be on the opposing side, so the cycling-ship is in their litteral dscan-face. Therefor, after completion of process, cycle-ship needs to be pulled through.
Also, so that a ship is not just throwaway cheap frigate (that would not provide any content) one could suggest to limit it to battleships.
Also, ships should not be able to warp-off while cycle is active (for obvious reasons, see entosis.)

How many fights do you get with current mechanix while rolling holes? too many, too less? how safe are your holes? making holes more dangerous makes them more profitable. i wouldnt want to make them safe. But then again… the more people live in WHspace, the more dangerous and mystical it becomes… its not an easy place.


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I agree that my proposal is not perfect.

Yet some holes are already easily collapsed with a dread, with minimal scout investment, while other require several passes

indeed, the issue is that if the sideffect is too heavy then the module becomes useless.

when chain rolling, it’s about 0 . you collapse, scan the next, scout it, crush it if not fit…
But my experience in the field is limited, so maybe I got it wrong.

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Current collapsing mechanics are fine. They take time without being to tedious and have a level of risk that is to a degree mitigateable based on your choices

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