Wormhole corp living out of a C4 C5/C3

LLMSS is recruiting new members!

We are a wormhole corp living out of a C4 C5/C3 magnetar. We primarily PvP, but also offer high class krabbing to fund our ships.

What do we offer?

✪ C5 krabbing for lots of iskies
✪ Good content with C3 and C5 statics
✪ Spontaneous and scheduled PvP fleets
✪ Blue loot buyback

What does our alliance offer?

✪ Industry wormhole for reactions and PI alts (HS static and good PI planets)
✪ Sotiyo and other manufacturing infrastructure in highsec
✪ Alliance-wide PvP ops
✪ Good ore and reactions buyback
✪ 85% Jita sell buyback for everything else
✪ Discounted ship production (90% Jita sell for t2, build cost for t1)


✪ Omega
✪ 10m SP minimum
✪ Doctrine training
✪ Ability to use Discord or TeamSpeak
✪ Engaging with our community

You can still hit us up if you’re interested, even if you do not fit the requirements

Zkill: Llama Sombrero Syndicate | Corporation | zKillboard

Discord: Llama Sombrero Syndicate

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Still looking for new pilots to join the team

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