LLMSS | Wormhole Corp living in C2 - HS/C3 is recruiting

Llama Sombrero Syndicate is looking for new members

We are a wormhole corp (US/EU) operating out of a C2, HS/C3 statics. This setup is great for newbros and anyone looking to live in a wormhole without too much serious commitment.

We are also specifically looking for more FC’s and experienced pvp pilots. We have lots of great opportunities.

  • Direct access to anywhere in highsec through our HS static
  • Great Ratting, Gas Huffing, and Exploration through our C3 Static
  • Decent casual PI
  • J-Space exploration for newbros (make more than 40m/h on day 1)

We are a part of The Burning Contingent Alliance which offers to our members access to:

  • Great buyback program (85% Jita sell on almost all items)
  • Highsec and mining/moon mining operations with Orca boosts
  • Scheduled PVP roams
  • Alliance store to source ships and modules

We require:

✓ Willingness to learn J-Space mechanics

✓ Ability to use discord/comms

✓ At least 7.5m skillpoints

✓ Omega is preferred - Selective Alpha recruitment


Please join our Discord for more information

Still recruiting, we have killed a Silver Magnate yesterday :slight_smile:

Still recruiting, we killed a Silver Magnate 2 days ago :)))

still looking for people in any timezones

still looking for people :slight_smile:

still looking for new members to fly with :slight_smile:

looking for members to fly with us

still looking for new members to join

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