Wormhole Overview Mapping Application (W.O.M.A.) (Stopped)

Application is not available anymore

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I have always admired people with the skills, knowledge, desire and willingness to share these tools. Thank you. I look forward to checking this out.

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Thank you, i have updated the information abit so you can see the main feature of the application.

It is that I got SSO working, this way I could bring the application to everybody instead of just the group I fly with.

Just went to it and got the following error:

503 Service Unavailable

  • Le pool de connexions nommé |apex|| n’est pas configuré correctement, en raison des erreurs suivantes : Exception occurred while getting connection: oracle.ucp.UniversalConnectionPoolException: All connections in the Universal Connection Pool are in use

The 503 error has been resolved, the pool size was to low it has been increased.

I’ve update the application today to include the Wormhole chain map, its an chart that will show you the chain with the default system you have selected as the top system.

I will try and make the systems in the map clickable so you can navigate trough the chain that way.

Any chance of the source code being made available?
I can’t justify having my group use this unless we can vet it.

Hey im a working at this moment to make the source code avalible. Check the first post for the link.

Awesome. Thank you. I’ll takr a look at it later.

There was an issue with logging in to the application resulting in an error.
This error has been fixed and the application can now be accessed once again.

Closed by OP’s polite request.