Wormhole Passive Income, and Questions about Hybrid Reactions

Newish player here. Moved into a wormhole, and was looking to supplement my passive income. (I want to at least be able to buy a PLEX a month.)

Is the profit margin large enought to import gases and react them in there? Especially since I won’t be doing any T3 production…
My plan involved importing a full Miasmos load of gas from Jita or Amarr sell orders, and then selling the products to Jita or Amarr buy orders.
I know that doing composite reactions this way will be useless due to the recent ore redistributions.

I am already doing PI with two toons, making two P3’s (Synthetic Synapses and Guidance Systems) and two P2’s (Water-Cooled CPU’s and Viral Agents).
The PI itself should pay between 1 billion ISK to 1.2 bllion ISK on Jita buy.

Any advice or additions to help streamline my thought process would be much appreciated.

You might struggle with the profitability of anything if you source your inputs from sells and send your outputs to buys. I’m not sure why you think composite reactions are useless, they’re still good isk, and demand for composites tends to be better than polymers. The main advantage of doing t3 reactions/production in a wormhole is that the materials are easily accessible, and the indexes are usually lower.

TBH, if youre a new player and trying to plex your accounts, Eve will turn into a no fun job.


i fully agree with Cowrocket. Eve is not a job. Suscribe and have fun, or you will spend hours just to fund you plex, before getting some fun

I agree with @CowRocket_Void as well.

The real world cost of a month subscription to eve is about the amount I would typically spend on a tripp to the movie theater. EVE is one of the most affordable hobbies i have (especially considering I am getting hours of enjoyment out of it) Unless PLEX’ing your account is a matter of pride (or you make ISK so quickly you can plex in just a couple hours) I wouldn’t pressure yourself towards achieving that.

But in answer to your question, I am doubtful there is a significant profit for importing raw gases FROM high sec. the raw gases are really bulky to move.

(1) purchasing from sell orders
(2) selling to buys orders

that reduces your profit even further.

If you are genuinely wanting passive income, that requires the patience to do the reverse of the market order process above. Getting ISK “now” is more of an active income thing. You are already waiting on the industry job timer to convert the raw gas, is waiting on market orders to fill that much more time?

While that would usually make sense, I already made enough to PLEX my account for two months, and I’m looking to maintaining it now. I’ve been playing for bout 8 months now, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it!

You make a solid point, my good sir. I shall keep that in mind.

At your stage of development one of your next practical moves is full time Jita alt.

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