Wormhole sales service

C1 Blake Hole WH for sale with 1 Azbel and 6 Phoenix Dreadnoughts and 1 Lif comes with the Wormhole along with all custom offices. Asking 15.5 Bil. Contact Zuel Aaoiric via eve mail for more details.

hey there. LF c3 c2 or c1 with a null static. Effect is irrelevant. Mostly looking for one with a astrahus up for grabs as well. Message me if you have anything that fits the bill. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looking for C5 - C5 or C3, Magnetar preferred.

Iā€™m looking for a C2 with a null sec static. Effect is irrelevant. Structures are irrelevant as long as I can buy them all.


WORMHOLE SALES is back in service ! Will start scanning and finding new wormholes for sale.