Wormholes by Type tool

Ah ok thx for specifying :grinning:

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  • Added daily kills and ISK destroyed chart (based on zKill data). Counter started on Jan 1 2022. You can access it by clicking on kill counter.
  • Minor code improvements

I also made daily and monthly kills and ISK destroyed chart for the year YC123 / 2021, which you can see here:

YC123 / 2021 daily

YC123 / 2021 monthly

YC123 / 2021 total

total wormhole stats

I will probably make this for several years before and place them all as interactive charts somewhere on a website.

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Amazing work. Thank you and please keep it up.
Back a few years ago, ex-wormhole csm ExookiZ had been creating annual wormhole stats charts and surveys in mainly fanfest. It’s been absent for a while and was wondering if anyone would follow up ( I don’t since I’m lazy ).
Like this statistic is actually needed to have evidence based discussions.

Although It doesn’t need to be unnecessarily complicated, making it possible to sort out by class or other stats selectively would be nicer.

Couldn’t agree more. I’m glad people are interested, which is no surprise. Plan is to make a chart for all years since wormholes came out (March 2009) and make couple of filters you mentioned, like specific class activity.
I wonder where did ExookiZ pulled his info from, and are those charts still available anywhere?

EDIT: Found out CCP Quant did data dump for ExookiZ’s Fanfest 2016 presentation.

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Yep. ExookiZ himself had stated it’s data get directly provided by CCP, not zkill based.
In addition to the class, changes of major corporations, each involved parties sizes, ship types, caps etc, might bring some interesting conjectures up to us.
Afaik Surgical Strikes and Triage Nerfs are most impactful changes to wormholes in recent years, which has changed its landscapes forever.
I would cast doubt on whether CCP contributes this with their raw data, considering their recent anti-playerbase attitudes and the situation they keep denying communication with communities.
That being said, with zKill data the eviction-related killmails from structure drops might confuse the statistics. Hope there would be a good solution for that. :neutral_face:

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  • Added K162 spawn mechanic info (with referral links to Hyperion patch and this forum post)
  • Added ‘reverse’ wormhole behavior
  • Fixed N062 and R474 types, as far as I know they behave as static only ( above post explaining this updated too)

small update

  • Reorganized some stuff, making space for future updates
  • Added ‘wormhole common terms’ under new top left menu
  • Expanded info and legal notice on click
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cleanup and fix

  • some have reported that site is slow or stuck on load. This was partially due to daily destruction graph being google sheets iframe code.
  • “de-googled” the website so their trackers are out of the picture (fonts localized, destruction graph now served via Chart.js, google analytics has never nor will ever be used)

If you experience any problems with loading the site don’t hesitate to reach out.

Next update, I hope, will probably include Scanning Difficulty Level for every wormhole type signature.

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I encountered a weird situation few days ago.
There was a direct wormhole connection between Class 5 W-space and Curse Region Nullsec K-space.
The odd is that the wormhole was medium size ( up to 62Kt per jump ) and its ID in the front side was L614.

According to whtype.info and Anoik.is , L614 can only appear in the Class 1 W-space, and It should be N432 or Z142 to connect between C5 W-spaces and Nullsec/Lowsec K-Spaces.

As far as I know, such like this exceptions can happen only in Shattered W-Spaces.

In my understandings, those terms of “spawns in” means they ONLY spawn in systems of specified class. Possibly I would be wrong now ?

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Excellent find, and a weird one indeed.

Some have reported “deviations” in where wandering wormholes can spawn, or at least deviations from information available online.

You’re right, ‘spawn in’ column means - only spawns in systems of specified (highlighted/colored) class. In that case both anoik.is and my tool lacks this info. I would like to hold on it for awhile, to gather some more intel, but will definitely include that in.

Much appreciated for reporting!

EDIT: Was the connected wormhole C5 system shattered?

No, it wasn’t. The C5 W-space connected with this L614 was normal C5 in Region 26 ( C6 static ), which is effectively inhabited with multiple citadels and Control towers.

Great info! Thank you for sharing.

Wow thank you very much

  • Added Scanning Difficulty Level - sig level column

Couple of signature levels still left to document, they will be added on the go.

It seams that all K162's are Level 1, except in Drifter Wormholes where all K-space exits are Level 2, and in Thera where some K162's are also Level 2.
Excluding Thera and Drifter systems, one conclusion would be: if your wormhole sig in wormhole is bigger then Level 1 you can know it is an outgoing wormhole connection.

Some K-space wormhole types can have more then one sig level:
example 1; Z971 was found as Level 1 in HS, Level 2 in LS and Level 3 in NS.
example 2; X702 was found as Level 2 in HS and NS, and as Level 2 in LS.

There is some indication that same wormhole type, one being static and other being wandering, have different scanning strength. More on that later.

If you find any missing info do report it here or hit me up in game. I would appreciate it.

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This is an amazing WH Tool! Thanks Soth!

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Calling scanners for help with current investigation:

It appears that wandering medium sized wormholes, thought to appear only in C1 systems, spawn in NullSec too.
If you find any of the following wormhole types in NullSec, feel free to send your report (screenshots included).

  • H121 (leads to C1)
  • C125 (leads to C2)
  • O883 (leads to C3) - CONFIRMED
  • M609 (leads to C4)
  • L614 (leads to C5) - CONFIRMED
  • S804 (leads to C6) - CONFIRMED

Information on the website will be updated after multiple confirmations/reports of the same wormhole type.

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Heads up everyone, according to hoboleaks.space there are some incoming changes regarding few wormholes.

Frig holes lifetime is changing from 16h to 4.5h:

It seams that C13 connection (A009) will remain as is.

Also there is a new wormhole connection J377.
According to hoboleaks it’s specs are: leads to low-sec, battlecruiser jump size, 24h lifetime.

Where does it spawn? Is it wandering or static? … remains to be seen.

These changes could not be final but, once stuff hits tranquillity website info will update accordingly.

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What does the “WormholeTargetDistribution” define ? :thinking:
There are no other wormholes sharing this attribute with J377 and existing attribute to wormholes don’t seem to have common point.