Worried about submitting CCP's poll for a ticket

I had a ticket closed and got a request to fill out a survey on how the CCP person did in helping me. My worry is that I’ve known of businesses that will take a survey that praises the person helping, but has a critique of the business itself and punish the helper for ALL the negative response.

I don’t want to subject the CCP helper to this. The problem that I wanted to mention in the survey is a CCP company practice, not something that is the fault of the customer support person. How does CCP handle company criticism?

I don’t want to get into details. But if video don’t solve your question. The survey is to get your opinion on how that particular GM took care for that particular ticket.

So, if you want to complain or give advice/suggestion on wider subject than in ticket. it’s better to write mail at support@eveonline.com and GM will at least read it. Because from my understanding, mail sent directly at support email are also considered as a ticket. Even without using that fancy support website.

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I can’t really see CCP giving GMs a hard time for critiques. In the customer support world it gets pretty expensive to recruit and train people if you aren’t going to hold onto them. A company that takes consistent feedback about support is usually using it to coach and improve.

I often criticize CCP for having less-than-competent people in certain roles, but I’ve never felt that GMing was one of them. They can’t always address my issue and they sometimes don’t even understand it (that’s normal given the nature of some issues in MMOs), but they always try their best.

I would just submit the response and mostly mark the ratings for the GM, and use the “tell us more” text boxes to highlight the actual company policies I had an issue with. Sordina’s suggestion to use the poll reply for the GM and a direct email for the corporate policy issues (you can even reference the original ticket #) also sounds good.

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I have been very critical of my satellite TV provider’s customer service, and I am almost sure they have attached notes to my account to warn other CSRs of my behavior. I have to live with the knowledge I am just getting lip service and stonewalled when I contact them.

It is interesting how fear of retribution has permeated human interaction to the point that honesty and straightforwardness have little respect anymore. In order to get something done, we must fawn and couch terms in niceties so as to not annoy somebody’s fragile ego. My opinions of all this quickly drift to profanities, I must admit.

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