Would Love to see the new back ground as a wall paper for P.C's

The new log in wall paper is beautiful…
Any chance we can get it as a wall paper for the P.C?
Would like to hear what other players think.
Fred Von Straine

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I’m sure you could find it if you googled it. There are always people out there that want the same thing, and know how to do it.

have tried only been able to find stuff from 2019

There is a small version embedded in this forum but it would look like crap on a desktop background Im sure, but you could try on the main websirte maybe?


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Best I could come up with a quick search:

Edit: Another version and much larger:

Edit: Found a larger version of the first one (the background on the third party service authentication page) though not as large nor good quality as the second pic but still better than nothing I guess:


Does it not bug you that the persepective seems off though?

Bring back Animated Log In Screens 2021
Me for csm. No launcher just beautiful animated laser sacrilege log in screens. Thanks bye

I haven’t tried looking for this one, but I sometimes have problems finding high resolution pictures of artwork. Or , it will have writing on it, which I don’t like. Would be nice if there was an official place to get highest resolution/quality artwork sans any text .

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Also, don’t upload them on forum because it compress images.

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Two more version from EVE website, not launcher

Oh the forum turns images into jpegs, thought it keeps the original format if they are not over the size limit. Don’t have the image links anymore but you can run a google reverse image search using the ones in my post to find the original ones. Though the ones posted right above this post also seem proper.

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