Would this help time dilation

I saw a video on youtube about a card with an atomic clock in it that would help make networks faster. And wonder if it could help with eve’s time dilation.

Here is the link:

Tidi was a solution to a problem.

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Omg you solved it. The only thing missing from the server hardware was atomic clocks

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It would depend on how these fights are handled and how the Eve cluster is set up. The atomic clocks are used to synchronize between computers with different clocks. As I understand it an area affected by TiDi is processed on a single node, probably with a single clock, so I don’t think there’d be a lot of time savings to be had. I think it’s likely there’d be a small improvement overall if a node has to make calls to a separate database server or some such, but I wouldn’t expect it to make a very noticeable difference next to all those physics calculations. I think TiDi mainly compensates for a lack of raw processing power to update the universe at realtime rates and the exponential use of bandwidth it takes to keep every client updated on what every other client did.

That’s my guess, anyway, and my best stab at trying to answer your question thoroughly and earnestly with what I know of the situation.


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