Wow, when did EVE become pay-to-win?

i was a industrialist and miner
but i turned into a warrior
liked both , eve is a game with much to do
dont be ashamed of doing what you want
i still like markets, do some shenanigans here and there in jita
i kill people , day by day
i get killed , day by day , got killed 922 times , doesn’t care , I’m immortal
i killed ships that some times costs 10 times mine
2v1, 3v1 ,escaping gate camps , fighting the largest corps in the game , i have one kill of all of them
the best dudes , the noobest of the noobs , i fight all, i don’t like to bail , i bail only t2 frig vs my coercer, but i fight kikis ,.,.,
me and onther guys like @Fluff_Alole , in the solo , or bjorn bee in solo/fun noob fleet, @Xtra_Squishy_lol in alt/friend assisted pvp/humor , or even Jin’taan in “serious” fleet stuff all break you pay to win narrative
you guys are clueless , don’t know ■■■■ about the game, don’t have balls to risk ■■■■, don’t have self determination , bunch of sheeps
education cost isk in eve , the best you can have cost ships
but is not about fake char skills, is about player skills
i dont say I’m good, but I’m better day by day, i have a npc station with more than 50 ships ready to be exploded , i stay in local with 40 WT chatting , no fear, I’m friend of my enemies , its not personal (mimies need to be persons to be personal ) jokes aside , they are cool , they are doing the same ■■■■ I’m doing just in the other side , without them i have nothing to do
you guys confuse gameplay with morals , the worst pirate in a dystopian space mmo is a nice person , talk to him you will see, he is just having fun , you are not, you are here complaining in the forum , of a game you say you don’t like, just STFU
evem @delonewolf is a ultra cool guy , he is more in the care bear spectrum , but he have a lot of money, he can take care of himself in eve , the man do what he wants
you know what he doesn’t do? complain like a bit$$#
look at my killboard or any other pilot that is better tham me, and you will see few bling modules, a lot of t2 modules t1 ships , sweat and fun
less qq moar pew pew

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I had that problem with someone, until I learned that you gotta chop off the head.


im under the influence of alcohol ms @Destiny_Corrupted
but in vino veritas


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Age quod agis.

si vis me flere, dolendum est primum ipsi tibi :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. Hi.

I knew your name was familiar when the fleet that I led today killed your Omen. I think you managed to come out ISK-positive in the matter with interceptors not being able to warp off before dying, so good job there.

In my mind I read that as itsy bitsy.

Veni, vermini, vomui.

Homo Homini Lupus

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You mean 16? Like in every civilized country outside the us? :slight_smile:

In the US it varies from state to state between 16 and 18.

Elsewhere UK 16, France 15, Sweden 15, Denmark 15, Germany 14, Italy 14, Austria 14, Portugal 14, Hungary 14, Turkey 18, Spain 16, Japan 13 etc etc.

You might want to check your facts before making such a sweeping generalisation, although if we go by your past posting you and facts are unfamiliar bedfellows.


Let’s set the record straight: I might not be legal, but I’m legit AF.

I’m a cold carebear killa, EVE’s original gangsta, all yo’ barges better start alignin’ cause my Catalyst fasta’.


Word to yo’ motha, Darlo. :call_me_hand:

Waifu for laifu?

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to be fair i fall for the bait
i was trying to loot the first ceptor wen the second came :smiley:
gf o7

insert captain america in here
I understood that reference!

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:open_mouth: ms @Destiny_Corrupted is so cute

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Has been for a long time. You have been able to buy a fully skilled character off the character bizarre and you have had the ability to buy plex and sell it in game for isk.

Anyone half decent at mmos can do this and then join a corp and be up and running in a short amount of time.

Nothing new, maybe someone just woke up or conviently chooses to ignore.