"Wrong" keyboard shortcuts

I’m somewhat distressed to find that some keyboard shortcuts are “locked” and cannot be changed - notably copy (control-c), select all (control-a) …
I guess those are what the “other” people use, but us Macintosh users have, for decades, used command+key for these things.
What chance you can simply “unlock” them so we can copy with the shortcuts we’ve used a million times before?

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“Wrong” OS
Okay, all joking aside, I hate it when I try to change a keyboard shortcut and it’s either hardcoded, or I can change it, but get wonky results. Like, it will change in the game world, but not in the menu system. I don’t know how hard it would be for CCP to change it now, but I feel you.

Yes /agree, please fix. Reported it as a bug in-game as well.

if you are not shy to use a terminal, i was able to fix most of these annoyences; take a look at this post - 64-bit Mac Client, Wine, and YOU - post #52

note: above workaround didn’t work for me on macOS Catalina

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